Love and the DnD experience

Lanefan said:
There's nothing funnier than a couple of PC's getting surprised by the enemy because they were concentrating on other things... :)
It's equally amusing for a PC to get an effective 0 on his Move Silently check, and wake up all of the other PCs, thus making them fatigued for the next day, because their sleep was all wonky.
I liked FF8. Not because of the love story. Every Final Fantasy I played except 6 had a love story. (Technically so did six, but it didn't involve Terra, so I don't count it.)

FF8 deserves being maligned for the stupid orphanage storyline. If they had removed the love story, I wouldn't have missed it. Half the time I bothered to think of it, I thought "dude, she wants you, are you an idiot Squall?" and the other half the time I wanted to tell Rinoa to zip it!