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'Uncertain Whereabouts' is a short-ish adventure for four first level PCs. In addition to your standard combat encounters, there will also be several skill challenges, which hopefully will make for some good RP-ing. As I mentioned in the Dunn Wright Inn thread, this will be my first time GM-ing, so if you see me doing something stupid, or forgetting something, or whathaveyou, please do inform me.

Judge: Perrinmiller
DM: Qik

Songdragon: Saranna Surefoot, Female Halfling 1st Level Rogue (Investigator)
Satin Knights: Arianna, Female Merfolk 1st Level Summoner (Synthesist)
sunshadow21: Thuvian Darklight, Male Tiefling 1st Level Wizard (Shadow Illusionist)
HolyMan: Ioseph Vors, Male Human 1st Level Cleric

[sblock=XP]Encounter 1: 400 XP (100 each)
Encounter 2: 600 XP (150 each)
Encounter 3: 600 XP (150 each)
Encounter 4: 600 XP (150 each)
Encounter 5: 670 XP (167.5 each)
Encounter 6:[/sblock][sblock=GP/Treasure]Encounter 1: 200 gp in the form of 4 Masterwork books (Knowledges (Arcana/Local/Nature/Religion)) worth 50 gp each. (50 gp each)
Encounter 2: Darts, daggers, and coins totaling 105 gp. (26.25 gp each)
Encounter 3: 4 Scrolls of Longstrider CL 4 (worth 400 gp) and 4 potions of Cure Light Wounds CL 1 (worth 200 gp). (150 gp each)
Encounter 4: 2 unidentified magical scrolls worth 300 gp and bows, arrows, slings, daggers, and coins worth 120 gp. (105 gp each)
Encounter 5: Misc. equipment and gold worth 470 in total. (117.5 gp each)
Encounter 6:[/sblock][sblock=Rules]*Rolling: You may use the Enworld roller or Invisible Castle.

*Posting Rate: Under normal circumstances, I should be able to post at least once/day, likely more. I'd prefer players to achieve something near that rate (i.e. a minimum of once every other day). Absences of more than two days will mean the game continues, with the character in question being NPC'd by me as necessary (such as during combat).

*Initiative: As long as nobody objects, I would like to roll initiative; I think doing so would help to speed things up come combat. I will be using group initiative, which means PCs can post in any order once their turn is up. The only exceptions to this are in the surprise round and first round, where individuals from the side with the lower initiative whose personal initiative exceeds that of all the individuals on the winning side may act first (hopefully that makes sense).

*Stat Blocks: Would be nice during combat.

Think that covers it; I'll let you know if I think of anything else.[/sblock]
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As Ioseph enters the dimly lit room, the gnome points him over to the remaining empty chair, then scurries around the table to return to his own. Gathering the lone card on the table back into his deck, he begins to shuffle absent-mindedly, eying the group as he does so. "Well now...we're all here. A bit later than I had envisioned, but one can never be too sure about such things." Looking over in Ioseph's direction, he continues, "Just before your arrival, Man of Light, I was explaining to the others that the reason I had been anticipating you four was that I am in need of assistance in reclaiming an item that is most precious to me..."

Sighing slightly, the gnome suddenly adopts a much more solemn demeanor as he elaborates, in what seems to be an unusually straightforward manner for him. "As I said to the merwoman, I am a viewer of time: I peek down its corridors and dig through its many nooks and crannies. I mostly do so for my own amusement: to see what the future holds is to delight in both the engagement of one's skill and the fulfillment of one's curiosity. Of course, I have on occasion used this ability to support myself materially; I have always done so with a clear conscious, since I have found that what we know of our futures actually matters very little in the grand scheme of things: a fool is a fool given a penny or given a pound. There are, however, ways in which a fool can be given more than they deserve, and this I always avoid. Not all of my kind, the time-viewers, adopt the same philosophy, however."

"Much of one's ability to observe along time's corridors is innate; there are, however, items which can amplify this ability."
He gestures to the deck of cards holds in his hand. "I have always turned to images, myself, and through the years, have amassed a great and powerful collection of them, through which I navigate through time's lonely halls." Pausing for a moment, as if to gather his thoughts, he soon continues. "A selection of these images, a powerful selection, has been stolen from me. I have been unable to ascertain who is responsible, and what their motives are. I believe my inability to do so stems from several factors...." The gnome trails off, then abruptly shifts back to his original, much more oblique and eccentric demeanor with a shake of his head. "For now, that is enough; once you've proven your trustworthiness, we can speak of this again. But first, perhaps you all should properly introduce yourselves?" He smiles. "I know you all beyond an introduction, myself, but it would be for the benefit of each other."

OOC: Figured a little round of introductions was a good place to start. :)


Saranna Surefoot 1st-level Rogue

Saranna watches the others and wonders to herself, "My is this not an odd array of beings or what." she shrugs and bows to those assembled, "I am honored to meet all of you, I am Saranna Surefoot. I am skilled in the art of investigation, which seems appropriate with the needs of our... benefactor" She nods towards the strange gnome.

She then stands up on her chair and reaches for some of the cheeses, roast beast and some of the fresh bread to make a small meal.

[sblock=Saranna Surefoot's Mini-Stats]Saranna Surefoot (Songdragon)
Hallfing Rogue 1
Initiative: +3 Perception: +8
Conditions: n/a
AC: 17 (14 touch; 14 flat-footed)
HP: 8 of 8
CMB: -1 CMD: 12 Fort: +1 Ref: +6 Will: +3
In Hand: light shield [/sblock]
Arianna (Mermaid Synthesist 1)

"For the gentlemen, I am Arianna. Looking over our gathering here, it looks like I shall be the muscle and protector of our group."

She pauses to see if anyone giggles.

"I live two different lifestyles, one for pleasure and one for battle. Just like my patron Tanager, I can be calm and peaceful or quite stormy. Once I am dressed for battle, my skills will become apparent. I have a few mystic talents, but they serve mostly for my defense. I prefer to fight hand to hand. If my armor fails me, I will be resorting to throwing holy creatures from the outer reaches at our foes until I can heal my wounds."

Tired of adjusting and leaning forward, she speaks a few words in aquan, wiggles her fingers, and a slice of peach floats to her.[sblock=ooc]Qik: Can I get you to use a different conversation color? The purple on black is hard to read for my old eyes. Both reds are difficult too. Thanks.[/sblock][sblock=mini-stats]Mermaid ~ Perception 2, Sense Motive 2, Low Light Vision
HP 10/0, AC 14, 12 T, 12 FF, Init +2
CMB +0, CMD 12, Fort +1, Reflex +2, Will +4 . . Move 5'
Long Spear +0, d8 with 10' reach
Spear Gun +2, d8
Dagger +0, d4 or thrown +2, d4
Active Enhancements: none
In hand: none

.Cantrips: unlimited Detect Magic, Mage Hand, Drench, Jolt
1st Level: 2/day, 0 used Mage Armor, Lesser Rejuvenate Eidolon
Summon Monster I: 7/day, 0 used

Beast ~ Perception 10, Sense Motive 2, Darkvision and Low Light Vision
HP 10/11, AC 15, 11 T, 14 FF, Init +1
CMB +4, CMD 15, Fort +1, Reflex +1, Will +4 . . Move 30'
Claw/Claw +4, d4+3
Long Spear +4, d8+4 with 10' reach
Spear Gun +2, d8
Dagger +4, d4+1 or thrown +2, d4+3
Active Enhancements: none
In hand: Claw/Claw[/sblock]
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Saranna looks at Arianna who seemed to have issues walking into the room and she was going to be the muscle for the small group... and thinks to herself,"There must be more to this one than one sees." She makes no outward expression of her concerns or interest. She takes a bite of her simple roast beast and cheese sandwich.


Thy wounds are healed!
Ioseph Vors, human cleric 1

Ioseph casts about looking unsure. He watches and listens in silence but something seems odd about this to him. When called 'Man of Light' he nods and says humbly, "I serve the Lord of Light, Helerion."

Ioseph takes off his pack and the hammer from it's baldric. He sits them down before quietly sitting down next to them as Saranna and Arianna speak up introductions. "I am Ioseph Vors. Servant of Helerion on a humble pilgrimage to help those in need of assistance, protection, or any other aid I am capable of granting. I have no reason to doubt what you have said.... um Master Gnome, but I wonder. Why have called a group of such odd individuals together? I mean why do you need so many to find your lost item for you?"

Ioseph sits with his hands in his lap. His wooden holy symbol carved in the image of the sun sits on his chest tied around his neck by a frayed piece of rope.

OCC: This will be Ioseph's first time working in a group. And his charisma is low wish to play it up.

[sblock=Mini Stats]
Initiative: +3
AC: 18 (15 Flat-Footed, 13 Touch)
HP: 14/14
CMB: +2 CMD: 15
Fort: +5 Reflex: +4 Will: +5

Perception: +2, Sense Motive: +2

Current Weapon in Hand: warhammer (+0, 2d6+3, critx3)

Special Abilities:
Channel Energy(positive, 1d6): 5/5
Deflection Aura: 1/1
Strength Surge (+1): 5/5

Orisons: Guidance, Stablize, Virtue
1st Level: Shield of Faith, Magic Weapon, d- Shield[/sblock]
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The gnome smiles widely at the holy man's question. "Ahh, there are many answers to that question, many answers indeed..." he says, rubbing his chin thoughtfully. After a brief pause, he lays his hands out on the table, palms up, in a gesture of resignation, and continues. "As I mentioned, I have struggled to divine the identity of those responsible for the theft of my magical tools. This correspondence is not an accident: my ability to divine is in part dependent on the tools which I make use of. If I am to have any hope of ascertaining the location of these items, I will need some help." He looks slowly around the room. "This is why I queried Fate to identify and locate individuals capable of assisting me in my task. It was this inquiry which led me to this tavern, to you four. If you do indeed possess the knowledge and skills that I believe you do, I will be able to harness and amplify those abilities to help me discern the location of my divinatory tools. Furthermore, I believe that your eclectic abilities will be necessary in obtaining my belongings." With this last statement, the gnome's gaze lingers especially on Saranna Surefoot. "Of course, you shall be handsomely rewarded for your assistance."

"But first...I must be shown that you truly do possess the abilities that I seek. So, my friends....give me a glimpse of your wondrous capabilities." With this last statement, the gnome leans back in his chair and eyes the group expectantly.

OOC: Right...Skill Challenge No.1.

You are to demonstrate your abilities to the gnome, either as individuals or as a group. The ways in which this can be done are pretty open ended, so I'll just list some ideas here; if you want to try something else out, feel free. Creativity and especially good RPing will net your bonuses to your rolls.

- You could try to impress the gnome with your knowledge by rolling one of those skills. These checks should be performed individually (i.e. no Aid Another).

- You could simply tell the gnome your story, which would merit a diplomacy, bluff, or even intimidation check, depending on your approach. These sorts of checks could be supplemented by Sense Motive or Perception rolls, which would provide cumulative Aid Another bonuses if successful. You could execute these sorts of actions as a group.

- You could also execute a physical action if desired; let me know if you want to take this route, and we'll suss it out.

On the whole, we're looking at 4 to 6 proper checks, plus additional ones if attempting to aid another (which I'd encourage, as every bit helps). Make sense?

Thuvian watches quietly, pondering the words of the others in the room."I am Thuvian Darklight, free lance mage. I manipulate reality in ways to make it hard for the weak minded to determine fact from fiction. I also dabble in historical research." At the request for a demonstration, he closes his eyes, and shortly there after, a glow appears around his body and to those watching it appears that he just cast mage armor, but in reality he had cast silent image (DC 16 to disbelieve).

[sblock=actions]bluffing casting silent image to appear to cast mage armor[/sblock]
Arianna (Mermaid Synthesist 1)

"Men, always wanting things up front." She sighs, "Very well." She stands and pulling a thong of leather from her belongings behind her chair, quickly braids and ties back her hair. Pushing the chair aside to give her more room, she starts singing softly in aquan while balancing on her tail.

Picking up her cloak from the back of the chair, she dangles it between her audience and herself, dancing with it as a veil. With a sharp word, a quick blast of rain soaks the mermaid, making her silk shirt nearly disappear. The cloak only gives glimpses of her raw beauty as it dances before her.

The song and swaying gets more intense, as the teasing and swaying of the cloak speeds up. Brief glimpses of her deep blue scales show them bubbling and multiplying as they climb up her body, moving on their own.

Raising the cloak to hide completely behind it, the song grows even more intense. With a shriek, the cloak drops as a blue demon takes one thundering step forward and slams a claw down, piercing the table around the lone card upon it, while not touching it. Bulging muscles glisten and ripple, runners legs now support the "frail girl", and a massive tail swishes behind her.

Leaning into the gnomes face, "How many creatures must I shred before you have your bauble!"

[sblock=actions]stand, braid hair, cast Drench, distract men with boobs, ritual song and dance to summon eidolon, strike small area of inanimate object AC 10+1-5-2=4, intimidate
Ugh! The dice roller hate me apparently![/sblock]"Ow! I broke a nail!" [sblock=comment reply]
jkason said:
Now, is 'distract men with boobs' a free action, or a swift one? hehe. ;)
I would say it is a passive free action.
But, as a move action, she would get a +2 masterwork tool bonus.:D[/sblock]
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(( Will save 1d20+3=5))

The halfling watches the teifling complete is magic and takes another bite out of her sandwich. She is about to take a drink of her ale when Arianna changes form into some beastly monster. She is taken aback and her hands moves to her rapier, "By Shocaun what are you?!"

She eyes beast before them but settles some at the comment of a broken nail and seeing not big reactions from the others., "An interesting bunch of people you have found. I know not what skill I might show you here within this room. As I have mentioned I am an investigator, beyond my obligations." She seems guarded on what those obligations might be. "I tend to gather knowledge of what is happening in a locale or perhaps what certain peoples might be up too. I had considered asking others, " and she motions about the table to those assembled by the gnome, "If they might want to help, but I am not sure how skilled they might be."

"There is a few places within Venza that I am aware (know: local roll 14) that might have the right, how shall we say... character about it that might be ripe of the right rumors or perhaps tidbit of information." the hafling says.

She stands and asks, "If I might have a short amount of time, and perhaps some help (diplomacy 12)," She looks to the gnome and the others, "We might discover something of note to show that we might be up to Mr. Gnome's standards."

She then looks about at the others, including the gnome, to see if there anything that might be gleaned from them before they answer... (Perception 9)

"I am off to see what I can find then... if anyone wishes to join, they are more then welcome. I shall return, shortly." she bows and then departs...

The gnome with anyone that might follow heads from some of those spots she has learned might be good for gathering some information. She then moves about in a confident manner (bluff 19) when she really is not at this point... She looks for the right people... (perception 22) and starts talking to them about Venza and what might be of interest (diplomacy: gather information 22 &23).

The gnome will return in an hour with what she has learned...

(( Knowledge (local) 1d20+6=14; Diplomacy1d20+7=12; Perception 1d20+8=9 Egads, it's just getting worse...:-S ; Bluff 1d20+7=19; Perception 1d20+8=22; Diplomacy (gather information with Follow Up ability) 1d20+8=23, 1d20+8=22; Gather Information time 1d4=1 hour. Perhaps it might have worked out in the end :angel:))

[sblock=Saranna Surefoot's Mini-Stats]Saranna Surefoot (Songdragon)
Hallfing Rogue 1
Initiative: +3 Perception: +8
Conditions: n/a
AC: 17 (14 touch; 14 flat-footed)
HP: 8 of 8
CMB: -1 CMD: 12 Fort: +1 Ref: +6 Will: +3
In Hand: light shield [/sblock]
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Arianna (Mermaid Synthesist 1)

"If I wandered about town looking like this with you, no one would let us near enough to ask any questions. Good luck dear." as she goes back to sampling fruits.


Thy wounds are healed!
Ioseph is taken aback by all this and again wonders why Helerion has led him to this strange place full of strange people.

"I left the temple near Thunderfalls almost a year ago now and have been wondering about the Landadel Baronies helping good people where ever I can. I have been guided this last year by signs and portents sent to me by the Bright One, his will guiding me to bring aid in his name."

Ioseph takes a deep breath as if remembering some of the hardships he has endured. "I have helped in the planting of harvest, building bridges and new homes, and in tending the sick. Once I fought off a small band of goblins causing mischief near a wayside shrine."

"Just recently I followed the signs to here the fabled City of Glass, though I know not why I am needed here. There are so many here to help and with such abilities I have never seen." the priest says with a nod to Arianna.

"I am a pious man, Master Gnome. I would not be here if the Lord of Light did not have a reason."
he prays softly under his breath, then continues. "But I am not sure what that reason is. Always I have been sure, the need for my help was always clear to me. You ask for some show of my skills. I am sorry I have no grand skills or abilities like the people here have shown. I am a simple man trying to live up to the tenth's that are beyond me. I would take my leave but you have said that you waited for me to come, and." Ioseph takes on a sheepish look as he stares at the hands in his lap. "And I am at the end of my means and soon will have no money to support myself, and continue the works Helerion wishes of me. I have failed."

Ioseph sits quietly after his long speech only quietly murmuring a prayer now and then for guidance.

OCC: Skills aren't as big fore-tay of Ioseph. Going to roll Diplomacy with guidance bonus. Note that he only gets the +1 LOL.
"I may not be a may of god myself, but I have found myself in your dire straits for most of my life, good sir. I've found that if don't let it bring you down, it makes you a stronger person." While not usually one to give advice, Thuvian has seen too many people fall down and not get up from the burden of poverty to like to see it happen when it just took some perseverance and patience to deal with, having no tolerance for laziness or self pity.


The gnome watches and observes the group as they each in turn demonstrate their abilities to him. He is impressed by Thuvian's magical ingenuity. Although he is more amused than intimidated by Arianna's display (perhaps his foresight has taken the sting out of her battle form for him), he is nevertheless impressed by her performance, and not entirely for unwholesome reasons: she is a being who clearly knows how to handle and present herself, and as such, he takes her display to be indicative of far more menacing capabilities. He takes delight in his hour out on the town with Saranna, who proves to be both knowledgeable and coercive; at one point, when passing through one of the more "character-laden" areas of Venza, he remarks that it is for these sights and opportunities that one comes to the city. Finally, at the end of Ioseph's tale, he folds his hands solemnly. "My good man, your only failure is that you under-value your own abilities. As a practitioner of the art of peering through time and space, I have often seen how words, information, and honesty can be just as effective as that giant's club you wield." Sitting back in his chair, the gnome smiles. "In any event, it is not your time to leave yet. You and the others have proven yourselves to be everything I had endeavored to find in assistance. If you four will accept, then I would willingly ask for your aid in my task."

With that statement, the gnome leans over the side of his chair and begins to rummage around in his back pack. As he does so, he speaks. "As a show of my...good will...I have decided to offer you...a few tomes...which may...be of assistance...during our attempt...to divine...the location of my...aforementioned items. Aha!" With a cry of victory, he pulls four large volumes from his pack and drops them with an ample *thump* onto the table. "I have already read them from start to end, so I no longer have use for them; you may find them useful, however. Perhaps they will spark something in tandem with the knowledge you already possess, and lead us both to new insight." The four volumes are titled The Life of the Pious: Meditations on the Religious Path, A Practitioner's Guide to the Arcane, Venza: Legacy and Infamy, and Creatures of the Wild.

The gnome goes on to outline his plan: if you're willing, you will all stay the evening at the inn (at his expense) and then set out for his home in the morning. He lives in a somewhat isolated area a few hours outside of the city, on the outskirts of a small village. Once you arrive at his place, you will begin the divination ritual.

OOC: Good job, All. That's 400 XP, plus four masterwork books worth 50 gp each; each of the books provides a +2 circumstance bonus to Know (Religion), Know (Arcana), Know (Local), and Know (Nature), respectively. You'll be able to use them during the divination skill challenge, and keep them or sell them as you wish after our little adventure.

Right; think that covers it for now. You all will just need to suss out a marching order for me for when we leave town "tomorrow".
Arianna (Mermaid Synthesist 1)

"Oh, books! So that's what those look like. I am used to paper simply being fish food after just a couple of minutes." She starts to reach forward, and deduces that her claw may not be appropriate for such delicate things. Pulling her seat back up to the table, and a little closer to the wizard, she sits down and snaps her fingers. The scales recede as she returns to her original form. Tentatively reaching forward again, she pulls back quickly when she realizes her hands are still damp.

Turning to the tiefling, "Would you read one to me?" as she bats her eyes at him.

[sblock=ooc]She will forgo her share of this treasure for something else later. In fact, I would say that she is illiterate because their are few writings that would survive below the waterline.

Marching order: Up front if we are the frontal assault type. She invested in perception, because she expected to be in the lead. If the little one wants to try the sneaky method, middle of the group is fine for Arianna. But, the clerics armor is going to clank a lot anyways, making sneaky mostly moot.

She believed the wizard's illusion.
Oh my! Did I break his concentration? ;)[/sblock]
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Thy wounds are healed!
"Thank you, both. I will meditate on what you have said." Ioseph says to Thuvain and the gnome. "I welcome this chance to once more serve those in need in Helerion's gracious name."

When the book are pasted out Ioseph takes the copy of The Life of the Pious: Meditations on the Religious Path and murmurs a thank you to the gnome.

[sblock=OOC] Nice finally one good skill. :p

Marching order. I wanted Ioseph - you all may call him Vors for short and it's easier to remember - to be a high AC/HP warrior to tie up combatants. He will cast shield and have an AC of 22 so should have staying power he will need it because his attack sucks (but once he hits its a big BOOM).

If we go in a line how about Arianna, Thuvain, 10 feet space, Saranna, Ioseph. That keeps the back and front protected. I don't think sneaking is in the cards just yet. And that line up works for walking in twos as well.[/sblock]
Taking his book, Thuvian's illusion lingers briefly (1 round) as he examines the title page before he is queried by the merwoman. Mostly fixated on the books, he doesn't seem to notice her flirtations. "I suppose I can assist you with that endeavor later this evening in exchange for an explanation of your transformation. Perhaps Nora will be generous and introduce herself; your scales might appeal to her sense of fashion better than that of most people's." He doesn't seem any less likely to be interested in Arianna's attractions, simply not particularly quick to pay attention to them, and less likely to trust them when he does notice, and thus not likely to show any interest he may have. Even after just this short interview with him, it's pretty clear that he tends to have an innate tunnel vision that blocks out most of everything beyond his own concerns.

[sblock=OOC]Great interaction so far, keep it up, and eventually you might actually get him to admit interest in something other than his own survival or the arcane arts. Arianna at least has a better chance than the priest does with his religious talk.

HM's marching order sounds good to me.[/sblock]


"Thank you, Mr. Gnome. Sorry but you have left little else to call you," she says with a her hands open and outwards meaning she means no harm by the name, "You are quite generous." she bows.

She will scoop up the tome on Venza and any others that are not claimed by the others. The halfling woman then has a runner sent to to the Iradys delegation informing them of her extended absence.

Come the morning the halfling woman is up early and is at a table in the main barrom perusing the book she was given and eating. When the others arrive she will back her book away and join them for the trek out of town.

(( Order above is fine by me... ))

[sblock=Saranna Surefoot's Mini-Stats]Saranna Surefoot (Songdragon)
Hallfing Rogue 1
Initiative: +3 Perception: +8
Conditions: n/a
AC: 17 (14 touch; 14 flat-footed)
HP: 8 of 8
CMB: -1 CMD: 12 Fort: +1 Ref: +6 Will: +3
In Hand: light crossbow (+4, 1d6 dmg) [/sblock]