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D&D General Luke Gygax and Troll Lord Games news Wednesday Aug 23rd 2023

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The EN World kitten
Yes, I heard that part on the live talk on X. Makes sense. Personally, I'd LOVE to get to see a scan of the notes of course, but let's see if we can get Castle Zagyg first.
The closest thing we have now is Rob Kuntz's releases. In his latest one, The Return of Robilar, he talks about his original playthrough of the Temple of Elemental Evil, among many other things.

I was a bit miffed they'd made the switch to perfect-bound books after so long. I got into Harn a few years ago, and got a bunch of the three-ring binders and supplements. Having it all be actual books now upsets my inner grognard very much.
I backed the Harn Kickstarter (ages ago) and given the extra time and expense it took to actually get hold of some 3-ring binders in the UK (we use 2-ring, or sometimes 4-ring) I found the subsequent change to books to be pretty annoying.

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
You can see Pterry's unpublished notes here:
Contrast that to Prince's estate going into the vault -- he famously didn't release about four completed albums for every one he released -- and deciding to sell all that stuff he explicitly didn't want the world to hear.

It's definitely complicated. (And I say that as a backer of 42, the big book of Douglas Adams' unpublished notes that's just been released in the UK.)

Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
$65 is a big ask for me right now. Is a digital version PDF of the book coming soon?
You get the digital version when you buy the hard copy. I'm not sure why they're being coy about selling the standalone PDF. (Although their web store is not great, so it may be difficult for them to set up new items for sale.)

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