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Malice of the Medusa (pt-1) [Manzanita judging]


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OK, HolyMan has been waiting for DM credits since June.

Have 8 credits! :cool:

Thanks for DMing this game, and thanks for your patience and continuing good humour in the face of LEW slowdown.

Probably best to put a link to this post in your summary post.

Which reminds me that if you want to do a summary of the game and append it to the thread, that'll earn you extra DM credit as well. (Don't remember how much but I think we discussed it back in 2009 ... unless it was 2008 :eek:).

When you spend the credits, just put a link in the CS of the character you spend them on, and advise the DM of your game (or, at the moment, probably best if you post in the General Discussion thread).

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Possibly a silly question; I ended up vanishing due to RL stuff with my family and the like. Does Viktor get anything for the portion I was active for? I don't mind either way, I just want to make sure he's straightened out.

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