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5E Mama Bear's Revenge: A New One Page Adventure!

I've created my 11th One Page Adventure - Mama Bear's Revenge, based on the EN5ider adventure by Jeff Gomez! When an orc lumberjack accidentally kills a bear cub, the sentient animals of the forest declare war. Can the PCs reach MAMA BEAR and end the attacks before it's too late? A new ONE PAGE ADVENTURE awaits!

Screenshot 2019-08-27 at 14.35.29.png

To get this, and all 11 One Page Adventures, you can become a patron for as little as a dollar. Please do! I vey much enjoy making these, and they are super-easy to run.
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Russ Morrissey



They are "reformed" because the "normal" orc is a pillaging sub-human monster.

This is awful. The "old school" way of conceiving RPGs is super racist.

The idea of a group of talking animals attacking lumberjacks is nothing groundbreaking but quite neat, though.


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This is not the site to discuss general politics.
Isn't everything "super racist" now? Rather, everything can be called racist... D&D, politicians, social media, the southern poverty law center, ice-cream, education, concerts, etc. So, that word has become interchangeable with "something I don't agree with" when I personally hear or read it these days.



You are basically correct. I do NOT agree with racism.

The mainstream way of conceiving orcs has always been super racists towards the real life ethnicities they are used as short hand for.
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