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Map Creation Software with excellent import tools?

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So I've been looking to start creating some personalized maps I can use running my TTRPGs... but I do like using prepackaged settings and to my great disappointment, most of the map-making software I've tried out is AWFUL at importing maps. Mostly my goal is to "dumb down" published maps into something that looks like a real-world artifact that a reasonably artistic person living in the setting might have drawn. Maps below have been drastically reduced in quality so I can illustrate what I'm working for while trying to respect someone else's work.

Less this:

and more this:

And specifically I'd like to do it with Mystara maps, probably starting with stuff like Thorfinn Tait's excellent stuff at Atlas of Mystara

Does anyone know of a piece of software that would be good at these imports (or if there is some soft of collection of files native to a cartography program I could use to do this, I'd be interested in that as well)? Or can someone point me at a tutorial showing me how to do this with Wonderdraft, Inkarnate, Campaign Cartographer, or similar? I'm happy paying for commercial software if the functionality is there, but I've paid for a couple of things and the import function has been absolutely awful for a BECMI-style hex-map so I would prefer not to get burned again and get some assurance that the next tool I consider for purchase will be able to handle this.

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Definitely seems like wonderdraft meets your needs. That link and the map I did for my beyond baldurs gate product look like what you are asking for. I can't give you a tutor until tomorrow, bit I'll see what I can find.

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