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5E Material components

"Any character brought to 0 (or fewer) hit points and then revived will
remain in a coma far 1-6 turns. Thereafter, he or she must rest for a full
week, minimum. He or she will be incapable of any activity other than that
necessary to move slowly to a place of rest and eat and sleep when there.
The character cannot attack, defend, cast spells, use magic devices, carry
burdens, run, study, research, or do anything else."
Wheres that from?

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I figure that I wouldn't let someone attack without a weapon, or shoot a bow without arrows, or have a high AC without actually having armour, or open a lock without any tools, so why do spellcasters get a free pass?

I track costly components as a player and as a dungeon master. I track non-costly components when I don't have a component pouch or focus.

One gripe I have is that all too often non-player character wizards (and the like) don't have any of the costly components for the spells they have prepared listed in their descriptions.

It's on me as the dungeo master to do that. And it was more of a gripe for 3rd edition/Pathfinder, wherein there was always a list of equipment the non-player characters had on them. It rarely included costly spell components, and was obviously an oversight.

It's a bit more difficult to use components when the designers mostly forget to it too.

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