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Meet the PUMPKIN KING for D&D 5E

This rather awesome Pumpkin King was posted on Twitter by DM Dicestress of Dead Dice Society. Happy Halloween, everybody!

Russ Morrissey


Definetly going to find a use for this, perhaps not as a pumpkin, but I've run into a few times where I haven't had a powerful enough plant monster to show something truly terrifying, perhaps I'll adapt it for the Golthias Tree.

pirate gonzalez

First Post
This was from StoneStrix's Monster A Day project on reddit awhile ago, I think. It was discontinued, but if you can find a copy of the PDF, it had some cool monsters in it.

Klaudius Rex

I think i'm going to run this in my upcoming session this weekend.
It looks good, but i worry about how cheesy it may come off..

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