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Im considering a melee full caster with Crusher, PAM and Warcaster feats, so i would like to count on concentration area effect spells where to pull enemies.
I started with the idea of a Bladesinger with 1 dip in Monk for get to use a quarterstaff with Dex. Unluckly i think i realized that his melee power depends too much from Bladesong and it can't be activeted in every fights till very late, while this concept probably need to be in melee for use Crusher and PAM as a flipper.
So i started to consider Fighter 1/War Magic Wizard 13/Fighter 1/War Magic Wizard x. He get Con saves, Arcane deflection that cover every kind of saves, and he keep all the spells of a pure Wizard, so for my purpose i can start from Web, passing from Sleet Storm, Sickening Radiance and later on Whirlwind, Earthbind also help with flying creatures, however it don't have access to Maelstrom that i think is very good for this build.
So i came out with Fighter 1/Wizard 1-2 (for Arcane Deflection or Portent)/Bard (lore) x, he get as additional magical secrets at lv 8 Counterspell and Sleet Storm, with Magical Secrets Sickening Radiance and Maelstrom, with the second Magical Secrets at lv 16 Contingency (he can get Forcecage from his own list) and Simulacrum and with the last at lv 20 Wish and Prismatic Wall (or whatever), getting also Freedom of Movement that can be a nice boost, some heal spell and Aid, + Warding Wind and Plant Growth instead than Web for earlier levels, losing Earthbind and Misty Step (the first other teleport's spell available is Dimension Door that is a 4th lv spell and require one action). He is a better counterspeller and have much more skills + expertise, but he have lower saves i suppose and a higher medium AC.
I would consider also Battlesmith 3-4/War Wizard x, it have some delay on spells, but it can focus on just Int and if i choose a small class via custom lineage i can mount the Steel Defender. Mind Sharpener also boost my Con saves more for fail it nearly never.

Which one do you think it works better?
There is some spell or anything im not considering for this kind of build?

PS my rolled stats are 15,15, 14, 13,12, 11 so kinda everything is in play, we normally sart at 5th lv. As Race i think Vhuman or Custom Lineage as it need the starting feat.
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