Memories of Ka'yn and Alyysssa


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A place to laugh and reminisce about the good and the bad times we had while playing with her. A place to indulge in the happiness that she shared with us, so that we might retain that happiness of her for all time. A long time ago I said that Jackson who I truly miss and adore, would have to buy the first drink on the other side of the heavens. I think it only fair since Ka'yn/Alyysssa got a head start on the party she should have it ready for us when we get there.

My memories of Ka'yn are some what distant and obscure I really didn't get to know her well, I saw her a few times with Siani and tha's about all I can say on her.

My memories of Alyysssa on the other hand are fresh and bright with but a moment's thought of the Grove.. She was truly a creature of the wood that one, an I am sure her spirit yet resides in the forest, you can almost feel her watching you when you travel alone into them woods.

(Guess for now its a start, it is hard to put into words the memories but i walk away feeling better, with just the few words I have left )

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Ah Alyysssa,

One of my first friends back when i joined years ago. We were not extremely close but she always did look out for me. Boy did we have some unpleasant fights. She was always so charasmatic and I was a bumbling teenager and when we butted heads did we butt heads.

I'll never forget however, her allowing Jaya and Pandora to get married in the grove. It went against all that she believed in but did it because we were her friends.

You are greatly missed Aly, so very much.


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Alas, that my most of my ISRP memories have faded into the mists of time, but the memories of the Garden are still, and will always be, fresh in my mind.

I remember my various characters at that time - Evander, Essie, and, on occassion, Kronos - finding refuge within the garden. "Ever Mind the Rule of Three, Whatever You Give Out, Comes Back to Thee ... Times Three". I remember the surprise of Essie when she learned that that rule did, in fact, apply to water balloons. :D

I remember, too, running to the Grove in order to escape the reaches of the
Viyach Lemarg(h?). Oh, sure, they could come in, but within the Grove, thanks to the Rule of Three, you were safe from any violence or any diabolical schemes.

The Grove was one of those places where you KNEW you could take a character if you wanted a violence-free night. Unlike the tavern, with its "No Fighting" rule, fights in the Cross Roads - as with most real life taverns and pubs - always seemed to break out. Never had to worry about that in The Grove. It was always a nice, peaceful, serene feeling to know that the sanctuary of The Grove would be there, sooner or later.

Although, I am sad to say that in the past several years, before EN World, I had fallen out of ISRP and thus fallen out of contact with Aly, too. I was just thinking about her a few days before the news that she had died was received.

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