First Post
Silently Jack enters the Tavern and so he glances about.Its been Years since he last visited Crossroads,its been Years since he met all his good Friends.Slowly he walks around,focusing on each and every Detail.With a soft smile he takes a seat near the Fireplace.Once he played his Music here,a long time ago....
Slowly he closes his eyes just to pretend that all of his Friends where here.
In his thoughts oO(I wish I could see them again,just once more.Its been too long...far to long.Since Ignatius is dead and all that has been now lies in the past.But maybe its too late...)
The young boy shakes his Head "No.I will wait...someone has to come....
The dead Poet is back..."

Silently he laughs,since he almost forgot the dead Poet.
"Golem,a Glass of Water please"

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From his spot at the bar, Tyrian sips on his beer, gazing lazily at the nearby wall, contemplating throwing potatoes at it. He spots Jacks entrance and frowns.

. o O(*Closed*I know that smell... not power, but memory... stolen all the same.)

He shrugs, and finishes his beer, concentrating hard. Its bad enough he is terrible with names and faces, but to remember a stolen memory from so long ago, a memory thats not even his...

. o O(*Closed*He was friends with him... she met his maker once. I think they played music together. Ugh. How icky-pretty. Makes me sick.)

Stands now, casting one more look at Jack.

. o O(*Closed*...there is profit to be made here with this one. But I can't risk him finding out I killed the girl. Or that I scared his friend off - not that he remembers either I suspect, but better to be safe then sorry. I'll send an apprentice instead... Damn it! Been over 3 or 4 years now, and still people who could remember keep coming back. How many more do I have to kill?)

And with that, Tyrian is gone, disappearing in a burst of dark green light, leaving behind his empty mug and a soggy potato.


First Post
Entering into the tavern would be a hooden figurine, moving with the softest of grace, every step deliberate. Dainty hands reach up to her hood, allowing it to fall back on her shoulders. Immediately, waves of navy blue tresses spill out and tumble down her back. Her feet are strangely bare as she moves deeper into the tavern, carrying her forward like a gentle breeze. Insanely light blue eyes look around, indeed she has not been here for some time, the scenary having changed quite a bit. A warm smile gathers across her lips, softening the impact of the shade of her eyes to make her seem far more kind than one's first opinion may have gathered. It's a shame she has to hide certain attributes about herself now, but there is some comfort in seeing the places of old that make such a sacrifice reasonable. Skye Dragonsbreath is what she was addressed by here, long ago, and now she carries that name on to honor the memories. As soon as she takes a short distance inside the place, she pauses, only wanting to observe for this visit. She doesn't notice patrons here, nor the goings-on, only fascinated with the way things have changed.

Several moments pass of her lingering silence, before her hands reach again to raise the hood of her cloak back up onto her head. She turns once more for the door, a soft touch allowing the door to swing open silently. Just as soon as she had come, she is gone, but smiling from the flooding images blessing her memory. Indeed, she shall return again, to indulge in times of old once more.

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