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D&D 5E metal net


My players have taken a liking to the benefits of using a net to restrain nasty critters. The only problem is that their nets tend to get destroyed, either because the critter rips it up escaping or because the sorcerer burns it up with her fire magic. So they've asked me if they can get a net made out of metal.

What do you guys think? I'm willing to entertain the idea but I'm not sure how to represent a metal net mechanically. I *am* sure, however, that I don't really want to make this tactic even more effective than it already is. Restraining a creature with a net is already a powerful maneuver - you lock the victim in place, and you gain advantage on your attacks against them while it gets disadvantage on its attacks against you. Even if the creature manages to break free on the next round, that's still a whole round's worth of advantaged attacks for your allies, and the round it spends breaking free is a round it's not spending attacking you or your allies. So I'm not sure I want to give them a net that's harder to break out of or that's not flammable or whatever.

I don't want "I throw a net on it" to become the party's standard operating procedure.

To be honest, I'm not even sure how a metal net would work. I'm thinking it'd have to be a fine mesh of some kind. But this is fantasy, so it probably doesn't pay to overthink it. But anyway, it'd undoubtedly be heavier than a rope net, and so maybe it'd be more unwieldy to use effectively? I could increase the break/escape DCs but also impose disadvantage on the attack roll or something.

What do you guys think? What would you do if your players asked about having a metal net made for them?

Thanks in advance!


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Hmmm interesting maybe a net made in a similar fashion to scale or ring mail? I would imposed disadvantage to throwing it as its going to be heavy and cumbersome could even reduce it to a melee range throw that provokes? would make some one think twice about lobbing it. Could also add like 1d4 fire damage if it gets fireballed to who ever touches it making them not want to recover it mid fight?


Disadvantage might be too much to always have. Maybe a strength bonus limit, that if you are under it, you have disadvantage on throwing it. Reduce the range as well.

A magical net might be easier. Techniques for making strong metal wire or similar just weren't around at that tech level, so actually creating something like a metal net would probably require magic anyway. Chainmail or similar would be too heavy and not bind as well as a more elastic rope net.

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I agree that they want a magical net, not a metal one. A magical net that is resistant (Uncommon) or immune (rare) to non-magical slashing damage. Effectively, players are then trading other magic resources for this tactic.


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What do you guys think? What would you do if your players asked about having a metal net made for them?

It'd cost 75 gp and be heavy and unwieldy enough that two PCs must work together to deploy it. I'd increase the Strength check DC to 15, the AC to 15, and give it 15 hit points with no particular immunity or resistance to damage.

One of your players could just take the Mending cantrip. Then they could spend time after the combat repairing the net, rather than having an invulnerable one.


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There are a lot of good ideas.

1. First, metal nets are totally a thing that can exist. Simple metal tubes with rope inside. There are certain ways to tie the knots, and everything.

2. They'd be heavy as hell. I'd say, using 5e rules, that it imposes disadvantage on attack rolls... but two people could throw it (hence getting rid of DA).

3. Shorter range.... maybe by ten feet or so.

4. Remember that there's a downside on metal nets - they're less "bendy", so more likely to not entangle the foe. You can easily get your arms out and all that jazz. So, maybe it restrains you, and opponents get Advantage attacking you... but you do NOT get disadvantage on outgoing attacks?

5. They'd have to be custom-built. At least 50 gp. I'd go for 75 or 100 gp.


Lots of ideas here, guys. Thank you! I've asked my players to clarify what exactly they want to get out of a net made of metal.

In the meantime, I'd just like to point out that a net already has a normal range of 5 feet with a long range of only 15 feet, so I can't really reduce its range any further other than just to remove the long range all together.

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