WotC Milestone leveling in WotC editions?


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Second question: do you get to tell it how many xp to award, or is that baked in based on 5e rules (and what if you're not running 5e)?

Edit to add: Third question: we use paper character sheets; can this script just give out the numbers to the DM or does it expect to auto-assign them to online character sheets?
Yes and yes.

When you pull up the Lazy Experience menu (typing "!XP" in the chat), one of the buttons that comes up will let you award XP. It will prompt you to add whatever amount of XP you want to add, and then select the character(s) that will receive it from a pulldown menu. Then you hit "Apply."

Whenever XP is awarded for any reason, the script will spit out the XP total in chat (but visible only to the DM). It will also auto-assign them to the characters if you have that option toggled on.
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It just occurred to me that I don’t remember seeing much/any discussion of leveling with milestones in B/X or AD&D, or in OSE and such. This is absolutely not an assertion that nobody’s done it, just me noting that I personally either missed it or forgot it.

How many people have done this in their play, and how did it go? I’m keen on it with more recent editions since I never really liked tracking xp and often want to focus on neither slaughter nor pillage. When it comes to earlier editions, I very much dislike weirdly uneven xp requirements and feel like it’d open up fun-for-me possibilities. But I also know how bad I can be at anticipating consequences, especially mechanical ones where tab A is now going to throw up into slot B.

So please enlighten me! Speculation is okay, but experience is what I most hope to hear.
My first DM used to just tell us when we leveled up instead of providing XP totals back in 1e/2e. I didn't mind it but it wasn't my cuppa.

I was always an XP DM and still prefer the variable XP tables, treasure as XP etc after playing 3.x for 7 years and now a couple years of 5e before we dove into DCC. I don't mind the lack of variable XP and the book keeping with DCC is a lot easier with the XP system they have.

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