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Million Dollar TTRPG Kickstarter Club

Avatar Legends leads the pack in an exclusive club -- Kickstarters for tabletop roleplaying game products which have broken the $1M barrier! It is currently the most successful TTRPG Kickstarter in history with a funding total of nearly $10M, and over 80,000 backers.

Only 13 TTRPG campaigns have ever achieved this, only 6 TTRPG campaign have done so without offering miniatures, and only 4 which aren't D&D-related.


This list comprises Kickstarters specifically for tabletop roleplaying games or supplements which have exceeded $1M. It does not include Kickstarters for miniatures, software, dice, or other accessories.

  • The first TTRPG Kickstarter to break $1M was 7th Sea: Second Edition (2016) by John Wick.
  • The first to break $2M was Strongholds & Streaming (2018) by Matt Colville.
  • The first to break $9M was Avatar Legends (2021) from Magpie Games.
  • 7/13 in the list included miniatures in their campaigns.
  • 9/13 in the list are designed for D&D 5E.
In the 12 years since Kickstarter's creation in 2009 until the start of 2021, 4 TTRPG projects beat the $1M mark. In the months since March 2021, until the time of writing, a further 9 projects have done so.

$1M+ TTRPG Kickstarters: The Official $1M TTRPG Kickstarter Club

KickstarterCreatorDate EndedBackersAmountAverage Pledge
Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying GameMagpie GamesSeptember 202181,549$9,533,258$117
Strongholds & Streaming*^Matt ColvilleMarch 201828,918$2,121,465$73
Tanares RPG - 5e*^Dragori GamesOctober 20219,403$2,100,242$223
The One Ring Roleplaying Game, Second EditionFree LeagueMarch 202116,591$2,025,288$122
Heliana's Guide to Monster Hunting^Loot TavernJuly 202118,082$1,845,422$102
The Seeker's Guide to Twisted Taverns^EldermancyMarch 202117,921$1,650,076$92
Kingdoms, Warfare & More Minis!*^Matt ColvilleNovember 201919,033$1,372,685$72
Grim Hollow: The Monster Grimoire*^Ghostfire GamingMay 202115,530$1,348,160$87
7th Sea: Second EditionJohn WickMarch 201611,483$1,316,813$115
Dungeons of Drakkenheim*^Dungeon DudesAugust 202113,376$1,279,240$96
Auroborous: Coils of the Serpent*^Warchief GamingMay 202110,218$1,260,863$123
Coyote & Crow the Roleplaying GameConnor AlexanderApril 202116,269$1,073,453$66
Humblewood Campaign Setting for 5e*^Hit Point PressApril 201914,604$1,001,085$69
*includes miniatures

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Russ Morrissey

Russ Morrissey

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