D&D General Miniature Survey


What type of miniatures do you buy for your games? Player characters? Encounters? Wargaming?

What genre…D&D? Sci-Fi? Steampunk?
I try to keep most of my miniatures buying to fantasy 28-30mm figures. I do have a sprinkling of historicals and a bit of sci-fi. I also sculpt some. My youngest son has become a pretty decent sculptor - most of his PCs are represented by miniatures he has sculpted from scratch.

Miniatures and scenery are a big part of the hobby for me.

For terrain - I use a combination of scratch built, Hirst arts, 3d prints, and a whole bunch of Dwarven Forge Master Maze. I am taking a break from scratch building some river tiles right now. I endeavor to completely represent everything in an encounter on the table.

You can check out some of my work on this thread:
2021 pogre's model thread.

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As much as I like the idea of minis, in practice I find that they tend to slow the game down. And the rather significant added expense doesn't help. I also like using obscure monsters, so that makes it harder to find stuff that matches.

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