Monitor Duty (Freedomverse OOC)



Here is a floorplan of the room.

AFAIK You guys will be appearing in the center replacing the hostages? The flame guy is in the very center as well. There are gunmen surrounding the center area as well as gunmen on the second floor overlooking the 1st floor (they are approximately where the pillar dots are) The Diamond display is the left green circle. The sword guy and the black-armored guy are just to the right of it. The left green circle is a huge Dakanan tribal urn made of gold. (essentially a one-ton golden pot complete with lid).

Squares are 5 feet. But I am only using this map as a reference tool and not a square by square combat map with counters. I find that is too difficult in supers games.

Edit: Grid did not display. For scale purposes green displays are 20' diamater. Center is 15'. there is 40' between middle displays and edge of center area.
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Nope... I think the plan is...

1) Astral telepathy contact hostages and let them know what is up
2) Hex remote views them and on signal teleport them out
3) Hawk teleport the rest of the team in (minus Hex?) and we surround fire-hood dude and are surrounded by evil Nazi troopers
4) Tarantula or Mystic Fist should try and take out the Nazis troopers and the other goes after fire dude.
5) Hawk and Prometheus should either go after Surf board dude or Rebel magic dude (with sword)
6) Astral doubles up on fire-dude.
7) Hex come in next round to double up on Rebel magic dude.
8) if the Nazi troopers are taken out, whomever was fighting them helps where needed.



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The trick with having her teleport herself in is that she has to take a full round regardless. Thunder Road is Extended Range only.

Better bring her with y'all, even if she's already used her action in the surprise round. Then she'll at least be ready first thing next round.



Since Hex needs a full round to complete the teleport I am going to rule you will have to wait for her to complete the spell before teleport in her in. Lest it ruins her Teleport. You all start with an extra HP for the complication.
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Man, we're going to get smoked... Those bad guys rolled really high for initiative, and some of us rolled really low! LOL

Are we assuming Astral's TK shield is up or down? I didn't write her activating it, but I suppose it could be reasonable she would have had it on before going in... Guess that's GM call.

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