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3E/3.5 monster search


Help, Ok, hopefully someone has a better memory than I. Im trying to find a plant creature that has " a light tan, torso-sized bulbous torso , appears to have a very large black and dark green flower on the top and attacks with three vines that have venomous barbs... oh yeah and it smells like decaying fish! Anyone? name that plant? IM pretty sure its a CR 1 this should help

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im pretty sure i saw it as a CR1 and its stats were 3.5, at least i think so, i have part of the info, i wanted the stats now.. and yes jester,, it is totally not tri-flower frond... perhaps it was a home brew...

Theo R Cwithin

I cast "Baconstorm!"
That description sounds really familiar-- especially the green flower on the head, but I can't quite place it. Only things I can think of match only part of your description:

Corpse flower, stinky with tentacles, but it's higher level. And it's big.
Mandrake is sort of tuber-like with a low CR, but it has a sonic attack, no tentacles, iirc. And it's small.
Mandragora is a corrupted mandrake, with a higher CR, also a sonic attack as well as some sort of finger whips. Also small.

If you figure it out, I hope you post it. Because the image in my head is basically a very angry turnip. Or maybe parsnip.

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