D&D 5E Monstrous Compendium Eldraine Creatures

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If the High Fae Noble is an indication of where monster design is going, in general, I like it.

The noble has, in addition to multiattack and its associated actions, an interesting recharge power and two reactions (it can take three per round), and access to spellcasting. The special attack imposes a condition (stunned) and CR works without relying on the spellcasting. Spellcasting there is to fill out its abilities. For me, it is a good marriage of 4e monster design with 5e monster design.
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The specter of Nights Reaping Scythe is pretty brutal. I don't think there are many monsters that inflict exhaustion:



Wait. Does this mean there will be an Eldraine book?
Thus geels a little less like there will be, unfortunately: thefree supplements for Spelljammer and Dragonlance were much smaller. This feels like the entire tie-in for Eldraine, to allow a DM to craft that feel. Which is too bad, I would have liked the Adventure building apparatus of Theros or Ravnica for eldraine juat as much as New Mosnters.

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