Moon Knight - SPOILERS

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I meant that maybe the swinging of the cane was for show for those watching but isn't necessary in order for Harrow to render Ammit's judgment, hence why he didn't bother with it when causing the homeless man to die.

Yeah, the real action is the tattoo of the scales on his arm. They showed it in the first episode actually moving as the cane swung, so the cane is just to distract the person being judged from the supernatural movement of his tattoo.


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Is anyone else beginning to wonder if Ammit's 'judging' might be a bit more arbitrary, than actually predetermining evil acts?

My recollection (which may be flawed) wasn't that it was predetermining evil acts - it was, in more classicly appropriate for Ammit, weighing the heart, telling us if they were an evil person. The assumption being that if we get rid of all the evil people, there will be no more evil acts.

Harrow seemed awful sure that the random guy who handed him the scarab wouldn't be around for "the future that we'll make."

Well, yeah. A homeless guy wandering the streets is not in much of a position to be a saint. His heart will be heavy. Harrow's justice will fall more heavily on the poor and destitute.


I don't think I buy that Ammits endgame is to kill everyone, we have already seen a person being judged and found "good" and allowed to live, so its not like Ammit thinks everyone needs to be wiped out.

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