Moon Knight - SPOILERS

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If you are in the desert at night, why do you turn your back to the only source of illumination to solve a puzzle made of brown parchment pieces?

Mark/Steven/Third guy: 'We have Darkvision!' 🙃


Yeah, this is one of most believable "why weren't they there" stories yet. The gods are like "humanity gave us up, we really don't give a crap about them, but stick around to their own reality tv"

One interesting tie in would be with the eternals, as its highly likely the Eternals were in Egypt at some point. Did they have any encounters with the Egyptian gods or the "moon knight" of that time? (assuming their was one). Don't know if we will ever get an answer, right now they seem content to keep things self contained, but it is Marvel....I would be shocked if we didn't have something in the last episode that hooked this in to the greater phase 4, even if its just a cut-away scene or something.
I believe that Marvel explicitly said "The Eternals" was a complete stand-alone. I don't expect to see any cross over from that one.


the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
Why would Arthur's time as the avatar create a personality in Marc?
When Arthur made the comment that he "enjoyed inflicting pain" for Khonshu, I wondered if the power granted to Moon Knight could retain some memories or traits of previous avatars. An idle thought, and admittedly a long shot.

It's pretty easy to see why the Ennead didn't get involved with Thanos. They were likely already done with humanity, besides the avatars, and having half the population snapped doesn't change anything for them. Not getting involved with the Eternals is a bit murkier. They likely crossed paths at some point (similar to the Eternals and Thor) but it was so long ago that it doesn't matter much now. Not helping to stop
Tiamat from destroying the entire planet
is also a bit of a question mark. Perhaps they always knew about what was going to happen, realized they couldn't stop it
either because Tiamat would be too strong or Arishem would show up and black hole them into non-existence
and that made parting with humanity easier. Or they had no idea and by the time things went down it was too late for anyone but the Eternals to intervene.


the Incomparably Shrewd and Clever
I believe that Marvel explicitly said "The Eternals" was a complete stand-alone. I don't expect to see any cross over from that one.
I had not heard that, but it fits with the Eternals history in comics. OTOH, with the inclusion of Dane Whitman, along with
Mahershala Ali's Blade
, they are expanding beyond just Eternals in their cast. And then there is
, who actually was a member of the Avengers for years in the comics. I imagine these other characters might crossover to some other properties at some point. I don't see the main Eternals showing up unless there is some large, Infinity War-type crossover at the end of Phase 5 or something.

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