D&D 5E Movies that make you want to play D&D


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Episodes of Xena featuring Joxer. Or Autolycus and Salmoneus. And Hercules episodes with them, too.

The ridiculous mix of personalities and silly fights make me want to play.

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1 - Lord of the Rings trilogy (but not D&D...makes me want to play a more "detailed/serious" FRPG like HARP, or Rolemaster).

2 - Fire & Ice (Ralph Bakshi one, with Frazetta art)

3 - Hawk the Slayer (...but not 5e; Basic D&D all the way with this one!)

4 - Pirates of the Carribian series

5 - The Gamers / Dorkness Rising / Journey Quest / etc (pretty much anything done by those guys)


Paul L. Ming


The original Clash of the Titans (not the new garbage) , Jason and the Argonauts, and Excalibur! Clash of the Titans came out in 1981 and I first saw it on HBO probably somewhere around 1983....right when I was learning Moldvay basic. I don't think any movies evokes as much D&D feeling to me as that.


Robin of Sherwood - TV series from the 80's originally aired in the U.K., later seen on Showtime in the USA but re-named Robin Hood. Seriously the absolute best version of Robin Hood ever. It had only 2 seasons, the first with Michael Praed as the peasant version of Robin, and the second with Jason Connery as the noble version. This series is an absolute must see. Awesome casting!

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