D&D 5E Movies that make you want to play D&D

Weird Dave

I just watched the second D&D movie, Wrath of the Dragon God, and I was struck by how much fun it was. It wasn't great, and suffered from a lot of clunky storytelling and really poor pacing, but I think the essence was there, even if it was WAAAAY heavyhanded ("you five champions are being sent out on a quest to save the kingdom!"). Much, much better than the first and third movies.

I liked Seventh Son as well, with Jeff Bridges as the last of an order of knights dedicated to stopping witches. He finds the seventh son of a seventh son and together they fight the forces of a reborn witch queen. Fun effects, and though Jeff Bridges has a weird accent that makes him hard to understand at times, it's still a fun fantasy romp that makes me want to play D&D.

For me, when I want to get in the mood to play D&D, I watch Willow and Conan the Barbarian. These two just ooooooze the kind of cheesy fantasy silliness and seriousness that can make a game so much fun.

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Ooh ooh, me likey!!:

(Forgive me for repeating previous posts)

LOTR Trilogy
Both of Ah-nold's Conan's
D&D Cartoon
Big Trouble in Little China
Kill Bill Vol I&II
Rankin & Bass Hobbit
Danger Mouse (2016)
Sonny Chiba's Street
Fighter movies
Merlin (BBC)
Conan Cartoon

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This may not be everyone's cup-o-tea, but:
Just watched Maleficent with my daughter. I seriously get the Druid vibe from the movie. Makes me want to play a Druid in a campaign :)


All really good suggestions so far! I'm some what up set that I didnt mention some of these.

It's all about personal perspective - our individual ages, D&D playstyles and movie viewing habits all inform which movies immediately leap to mind when a list like this comes up, and which ones we only remember after having put some thought into it...

Personally, I read through the thread before posting and then walked over to my dvd collection to see what I had that hadn't already been mentioned - I think there might have been one or two of the previous suggestions that wouldn't have made the list I posted if they hadn't already been mentioned. (The first seven or eight things that popped into my mind had already been posted.) Then I hit up IMDB and a couple image searches to try to remember some more obscure stuff.
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Greg K

There are a lot of good movies mentioned by others that were not included on my list, but sitting in my DVD collection. For myself, some of those listed by others do not make me me want to play D&D, but rather use other rpg systems and genres.
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