D&D 5E [MtG] Thoughts on CL: Baldur's Gate now that its been fully revealed

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One of the cards is the brainstealer, a creature appeared in Dragon Magazine in the 3.5 age, when it was published by Paizo. I hope we can see the 5Ed version.


What's Battlebound?

Battlebond not Battlebound, its a set for a Commander Variant called Two Headed Giant, basically 2 players team up to play against 2 other players instead of everyone out for themselves.

Anyways in other news someone at one of the printers for this set screwed up and cards from Double Masters 2022, aka Whale Bait 2022, have started showing up in Commander Legends: Battle For Baldur's Gate Collector Boosters. At first it was just uncommons, but now expense mythics have appeared too. That is going to be a huge naughty word show LMFAO.

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