Muhlatimic Dragons

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thx m8

also attempted to make your Gamma the Akashic... two words: not good. should work on that a long time. and I've got Bythos to work on, so I'm relatively stocked up in new things

I appreciate that but please don't I'm kind of stingy about my storyline. I'll post Gamma, I'd prefer to post my own work before others take a crack at it. Not that I don't appreciate it because these things are a serious pain and I'm honored someone would be so inspired.

I know I take forever but I want my Pantheon mine so to speak, these are chars my friend group and I have been using for storyline for roughly 20 years, 17 I guess since I was in highschool. Thanks. :)

That said, The Omega I've been working on for a while and can't seem to get right. My idea was that he was Highlord stage 7, but I ultimately don't like that. I made him a 70,000HD Void Lord vice the standard 50,000HD but still wasnt satisfied. Basically, the Fractal God as he was known was a being who once he gained the Ram Headed throne, immediately abandon it and began searching for greater heights. Unknown to him he was already locked into being the Supreme Being and his subconscious desires began to create the previous Reality.

I originally had him look like a Pit-Fiend mixed with a Gorilla, Bat like wings, lashing jaws, eyes like a dragon, dark orange red skin, and gorilla like muscles. He basically created a forever expanding infinity of creations by proxy and simply waded through his Reality battling all things and ever advancing until Thychen using Logic and Understanding was able to consciously harness the Throne and as the Fractal God didn't care to be the Supreme Being in the first place the battle was not for Fractal's life whch is what he wanted, but simply for the Throne he just abandon the fight disgusted with Thychen and happily and basically unnoticingly slipped into being the newest Lipika. Syno's mindset was based directly off the Fractal God's.

Food for thought if you want to stat some bat :):):):) stuff lol.

Gamma has a specific suite of abilities and a way in which he fits into my cosmology. I mean the idea of The Akashic, the personification of the Akashic Library is up for grabs however. Make your own version of The Akashic if you want, I think that would freaking rock.


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gamma ended up a noniad (9000) High Lord. and also way weaker than anything I've ever made despite so many verses, and I've gotten rid of him. i'm planning on making something (Bythos) that should be represented on a scale

Bythos (about 90)
Supreme Being (70-80 'verses on average)
Jeff (help)

Bythos is just some extremely powerful pleromic phenomena in basis, and pretty much has no int score, but this lack of mind gives him more than he should have in terms of insight (he's essentially omniscient, very few events are unknown to him). He's more or less the SUPREME Supreme Being, but i have decided on what he'll be other than a living embodiment of quintessence. if he'll actually BE the Akasha, maybe (I'm coining his title as the "Ineffable Parent" tho (Grand Dad), maybe not

that's a weird design for denny's, considering that Riem is really fitting in design

"As you step into the tenth dimension, your first words and thoughts here are "Why is there an ape here?" What you have seen is rather... Unfitting for such a high realm; a titanic, massive; no, indescribably huge beast resembling a cross between a gorilla and... uh... what were they called again? Oh, right; a devil, specifically a pit fiend. It's wings stretch across the whatever that is, and it's jaws snap with a fury that you DON'T wish to understand. It's skin is an odd and unfitting colour as well, a deep orange, and a pair, if not many pairs of dragons eyes are fitted in it's head. You leave this area simply because you don't believe that your target, the Alpha himself, could ever, even as a curse by the akasha or as a joke, look like a simple gorilla."

I'm not saying it's a bad design, but it's kinda... off a bit (I've done worse(gamma looked like SMTDESU2RB's Canopus)

(also how do you choose a forum to post things in?)
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here you go bootlebat

Poly-Existential Dragon (Extraplanar)
Hit Dice: 6,870d10,000
Initiative: Always wins
Speed: Superluminal, Space Folding
Armour Class: 30,000
Base Attack/Grapple: Cannot fail
Attack: 1000 Bites(100d1000 x10 x8.8 rounded down(8,800,000,000)
Full Attack: The above attack 5 times over, and 100 Crush of Millions(100d1000 x1212 x12.12 rounded up(146,894,400,000)
Space/Reach: 7,440,000,000 miles/Infinite
Special Attacks: uhuh, zilch
Special Qualities: Damage Reduction Infinite/-, Metempiric Traits
Saves: Cannot fail
Abilities: All infinite
Skills: Omnicompetent, Maven
Feats: All
Epic: All
Divine: Time Stealer, Third Eye
Cosmic: Mimic, Time Dilation
Transcendental: Paradox, Omega Hand
Omnific: Cosmic Nullification, Undimensional
Metempiric: Invincible Shields, Metamerism
Environment: Aravoth, the Tenth Dimension
Organization: Solitary
Challenge Rating: 50,000
Treasure: Nothing
Alignment: Beyond
ECL: about 65,000

In contrast to the great akashic-ness of the background, a great golden serpent flies through the air. Really thats it, it's not really much.

No tactics

Adjutant: Can promote and demote creatures to higher or lower divine ranks, but only if the result is lower than the dragon's.

Alter Reality: Duplicate any spell up to 9th level + the amount of automatic metamagic
capacity feats.

Akashic Connection: Nullifies all immunities against it.

Aura: Allies in it's aura gain Infinite Strength and Omnific Toughness

Bonus Ability: Two Divine-Metempiric abilities, no restrictions.

Breath Delay: Breath weapon can be used twice a round

Cosmopolite: Ignores transcorporeality. Cannot be killed in any universe, only ejected; and if killed outside of a universe, it goes into comatose slumber.

Covertness: Mulhats can become incorporeal and undetectable at will. A rank check is required to counter it.

Immunities: Immune to natural and magical, conjuration, enchantment, illusion, necromantic and transmutation

Isotropic: IS the battlefield, attacks the entire battlefield, entire battlefield takes damage

Keen senses: really this is just X-ray vision and Cosmic Conciousness for the entire dimension.

Metempiric Traits: 1,024 divine and foresight bonus to everything

Muhlatimic Breath:
Instant death unless success at 15,242 fort check, in which case 3435d10,000 + Enemy HD/d10,000 x2 pure divine damage
Instant mental death unless 15,242 will check, body can be used as a puppet; Success means a 100,000 penalty to Int, Wis and Cha; and if they have infinite of those scores, 10,000 ability damage and the omnific ability is removed for the rest of the fight or until the dragon restores it.
Shifting: DC15,242 Will save or be hurtled into another universe. Success brings a hostile analogue (relative CL from age category) is brought forth (the analogue gets its own save).
Teleportation: DC15,242 Reflex save or be transported into a hostile environ. The surrounding do the damage.
Conversion: The Enemy is incapable of taking any actions in combat, and it can be convinced to fight only for the dragon (DC15,242 Will Save).
Divine Restraint: remove 344 divine ranks
Blast: DC15,242 reflex save to half the massive 6870d10,000 divine damage

Breath of White: basically explodes the target, permanant death

Breath of Light: a reverseable instant death breath weapon

Metamerism: whenever slain, the dragon is returned to life in a new form

Invincible Shields: blocks all damage except from metempiric effect

Expression of Draconity: Infinite effect, but bypasses Invincible Shields like metempiric effect

Omega Hand: delete 3435 HD

Quantum Inflation Scales: When struck, there is a chance (19/20) that the scales will explode and create big bang level effects, dealing infinite damage

Multiverse Wing: Wings Multiply in a weird way, starts with 10,000, and increases like this; x2=20,000, x3=60,000, etc (more wing attacks)

Claws of Light: permanantly blind anything, no save

Searing Fangs: The bite of a destiny muhlat deals 10,000d10,000 divine damage

World Warp: insanity with DC15,242 will save
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Correct. In the original posts about them COMPETITION: Design an Epic Monster there's something called the Council Of Equilibrium, which consists of fifty great wyrms of doom and fifty great wyrms of destiny. I would guess they are the only great wyrms, but there are probably a lot more younger dragons.
I'd argue they're all great wyrms with the younger members of their species spread throughout the cosmos but different interpretations.

Actually, I looked and they don't get their Veto power until the Great Wyrm stage so they'd have to be.

Thanks for dropping the link!

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