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OTOH, like it though I do, i have to say where Hybridizing fails utterly is one place I spend a lot of time: PCs who are not dabblers or 50/50 guys, but (non-Bardic) Jacks of all trades.

Which is why I like it...but not as much as 3.5Ed's rules.

It may not possible to represent this sort of character from level 1 on the way I would prefer. One of my earliest D&D character's was a Fighter/Mage/Druid. Something that I could not recreate after 2e to my own satisfaction. Waiting until level 6 to be the equivalent of 2/2/2 seems like the wrong pace and choosing features from 3 or more classes at each level seems like an insurmountable balancing issue.

I think your scenario is a good illustration of the difference in our preferences. I would rather give up the ability to triple (or more) class than have to use the 3e method to get there.

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The thing is, if done right- and I have faith in pro game designers- it doesn't have to be an either/or proposition.

Each edition of D&D going back to first has had at least 2 forms of multiclassing, with differing restrictions & compatibilities. Adding additional options to the mix (in a game where "modular" seems to be the design mantra) is dooable.

I could see, for instance, a system that supports something like 3.5Ed's main style (non-Gestalt), Hybrids, and some style of Feat-based, with 3.5Ed & Hybrids being compatible with Feats, but not each other.

Or toning down 3.5Ed's Gestalts to something more like 1Eds multiclassing (in terms of power), Hybrids & Feats, with a similar restriction.

I'm not the guy to design it, but I think something like that could be done.


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Personally I'm really hoping for multiclassing to be the one thing that cleaves closest to 3e. I have a massive preference for a system that doesn't require you to plan your whole build out in advance or make all your choices at first level; 3e is really the only D&D that lets you sort of organically grow into a totally new direction as you go. Losing that is probably my biggest regret from moving to 4e.

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