Murder is the Pits

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Ironwolf joins the group outside the inn. When it is his turn to attack the target dummy he charges forth with an agressive growl, expending his psionic focus to hit it with a massive blow. Without hestation, he follows up with two more quick blows.

Stepping back, he sheaths his blade.

"For whateer you can glean from an attack on a defenceless dummy..." he says.

If he isn'y replied to immediately, he will occupy himself with regaining his focus.

((Will update wth more data as soon as I have the opportunity. Attending a wedding this weekend.))

edit: Update: Charge attack at +5 (15 on take 10), average damage 16 (ignoring 15% critical chance.)
Two follow-ups at +3 attack (13 on take 10), average damage 9.
Take 10 on Perform(gladiator)=9.
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Michael comes out of the door and nods to Petra.
"There are a few things I can do that might be handy."
He holds up a leather bag marked with a red dot.
"Generally in the anti-fighter mode."
He looks at the slashed and bitten dummy as he pulls a neatly rolled bandage out of his bag.
"Permit me to demonstrate the ancient art of bandage-fu."
The bandage snaps open with a whipcrack and he twines it neatly about Mr. Stuffy's arm and his other wounds, keeping up a running commentary.
"Broken upper arm, splint like so. Stab wound to the femoral artery, apply direct pressure. Arm severed at elbow, apply tourniquet. Fractured skull, control the bleeding and consider trephination."
He pauses for a moment.
"Badger drool, not harmful."
He pauses for another moment, then closely examines the dummy.
"Half-orc drool, not harmful, just really disturbing...and do you know where this thing's been for the last week? Sela only knows what kind of thing you've exposed yourself to."
He examines the last large rip in Mr. Stuffy's chest.
"And this is a tension hemopneumothorax. If all I had was bandages, it'd be time to check Mr. Stuffy's pockets and prepare his funeral rites."
He removes the stone from his poncho clasp and touches it to the dummy as he invokes the power of Sela to Mend Mr. Stuffy.
The earth shifts slightly beneath him as the prayer is answered, and the rip closes as though it had never been made.
"Fortunately, the power I serve allows me more than just bandages."
He steps away from the dummy and it is obvious that Mr. Stuffy has been stabilized and will make as much of a recovery as a dummy can make.
"And if you insist on fighting, catch."
He plucks a warhammer from his belt, cocks it over his shoulder in a two-handed grip, and roars as he smashes Mr. Stuffy's head off and towards Petra.

Healing check 10+5
Cast Mending Spell
Attack 10+2, Average Damage of two-handed warhammer 8 points
Perform Gladiator Check 10+1

Rystil Arden

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*Zaeryl looks at the others and their actions before nodding to himself*

"This one will show you our power, Lady Petra, just so you have the knowledge at hand when you make your final decision, perhaps if we are lucky in our favor as Sunny has mentioned is possible."

*Zaeryl calls forth a strange but impressive-looking gooey creature with powerful muscles and claws, that charges forward through the air at Mt. Stuffy as Zaeryl stands behind it, causing it to be limned with an impressive rainbow halo of power as it smashes at Mr. Stuffy.*

Attack Roll 10 + 5 = 15, 6 Damage
Perform Check 10 + 2 = 12 (Made by the Construct as Zaeryl Aids Another)


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Rosalynn left the inn then, appearing with her rapier in hand.

She stood for a moment, silent and still before putting her left hand over her heart and singing in a soft mezzo sporano voice....

"No foe is too much with a determined heart
We march into the fray, ne'er torn apart
Come to the battle, waste no time
Courage carry me, victory's mine"

She then seemed to shift gears, as she struck an interesting pose, taking the hilt of the rapier in one had and the tip of the blade with the other as she raised the bladed weapon over her head, balancing on one foot, her other stuck out en pointe in a graceful step.

She began to dance then, twirling around Mr. Stuffy then, as if he were an entranced man, a dangerous glint in her eyes before she paused for a second, mid twirl, slicing at Mr. Stuffy, holding the blade for a moment before pulling it out sharply.

(OOC: roll to hit=12, (10 +1 for bonus and +1 for inspire courage song) and 6 damage (1d6=4 + the bonuses for str and the song. and yes, I made up those lyrics...I'm lame I know. Bront can attest to that too :p)

Satisfied that she'd done her best, she stood ready for her judgement
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Rystil Arden said:
(OOC: Should probably take 3 out of 1d6 when you take half, just like you take 10 out of 20)

(OOC: Umm...Bront said I should do average damage...6 was with the bonuses....o_O...)

(Can you tell this is my first D&D based PbP game? -_-)

Rystil Arden

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(OOC: 3.5 is average on a d6, so we usually round down when taking average as a standard, but no harm done and I wish you good fortune in learning the ways :))


The man with the probe
Rystil Arden said:
(OOC: 3.5 is average on a d6, so we usually round down when taking average as a standard, but no harm done and I wish you good fortune in learning the ways :))

OOC: I figure round up works fine for a dummy. I did do 2d6 at one point, and took 7 on that.

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