Murder is the Pits

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Ironwolf Kinkaid

"Well, I'm not the flashiest, and maybe I won't be a crowd favorite, but I'm willing to play second fiddle and support the flashier fighter. I'm a well grounded, solid man, not given to foolishness. I'm also very good to have by your side in a fight. Are you interested, or not?"

Rystil Arden

First Post
"This one would also like to hear a decision. Have we repayed our Zij well enough to be accepted? We sense a hostile presence very near, and we would be glad to either come with you, Lady Petra, or else simply leave this area in rejection...but either way, this inn courtyard will not be safe for us for long."


The man with the probe
"I think we've left our potential employer speachless with our tryouts. Hope that's a good thing."


Michael shrugs.
"I'd really prefer to stick with the team doctor role...I only use violence when provoked."
He could be looking at Zaeryl with that remark, or he could be studying a callus on his thumb. It's hard to tell.


"If you two can't get along here, where the risks are low and the stress is minimal, you shouldn't walk into dange together. Zaeryl, I only see one healer among us. Why do you continue to argue with the only man able to bring you back from Death's door?"

Voidrunner's Codex

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