Music Video: Knights of Cydonia

Brown Jenkin

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Since we seem to be doing music videos now here is my favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy themed one.

[ame=]YouTube - Knights of cydonia[/ame]

The game with this one is their intended game. Can you find all the sci-fi/fantasy references.

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Great video. Muse is one of my favorite bands EVER. They are amazing. Relative to the rest of their catalog, this song is just average. For most bands, this song would be incredible but for Muse, just average, which says a lot about them.

Brown Jenkin

First Post
My D&D group gave me some high praise a few months ago when they compared the campaign I run to this video...
Now that would be a strange strange campaign. I wish I could play in that campaign. I was actually thinking that this would make a great feature length Bruce Campbell movie.

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