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D&D 1E My AD&D 1E hardback collection - what do you see?

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Blue Orange

Gone to Texas
It's nice to see people creating the books that only existed in their 13-year-old imaginations.

I guess it couldn't be any other way, but it's sort of too bad Hasbro owns D&D. It's amazing the way collaborative storytelling made a comeback. I wonder if we'd have fewer flamewars if it was all public domain, so there was no 'real' D&D. Sadly it'll never happen.

Sorry if i ask you about such details but i am interested in knowing the printing options provided by Lulu (i am going with Drivethru). I understand that there is not chance to select any kind of cover. Is there ar least the option for the hardback binding (there are 2 main types of binding for hardbacks) and the type of paper (gloss/matte, thick/thin,...)?
There are some options, but not a lot. It's been a while since I did these, but as I recall there was only one type of hardback binding (in addition to softcover and spiral, etc), only one weight of paper, with options for white or cream, and I think you can get glossy paper. The paper is heavier that what actual 1E books used, so that's another way you can tell these books are not genuine if you see them in person.

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