D&D 1E My AD&D 1E hardback collection - what do you see?


Lake Geneva public library, see if you can start a rumor the way the Necronomicon card catalog entry at Yale did.

Though it used to be fictional, it now exists. I have a copy on my shelf.

Weird tales of creatures and things from places unknown reside between it's covers and stories of madness and insanity grace it's pages.

I highly suggest it.

You have the fake version from 1977 which you could get for 8.99...or THE Necronomicon....looks to run around $25.

Of course whether you dare read it or not...that's your OWN decision...

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Anyone who wants a legal “Unearthed Arcana II” without going through the hassle of making it yourself should check out this:

The Heroic Legendarium: A First Edition Adventure Gaming Companion - Storm Fetish Productions | DriveThruRPG.com

It’s a very well-done 1e-compatible compilation inspired by post-Unearhed Arcana works by Gygax and others.

There’s no art and no orange-spine, but I’m sure you creative types could hack apart the pdf, add art, and print one off on Lulu the same way the OP did.

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