My Paladin killed a.. 2nd thread (The Verdict is IN - p4)


Very Well.

Vindicator, your actions have been examined by this Council of Paladins, and you have been found Innocent. If it is in the hands of this council, the powers and abilities granted unto you by your god will remain vested as they are.

Nonetheless, it was also the opinion of several members of this august group that you acted in some small bit of haste. In recognition of that, and at the request of Torm, God of Paladins, you are hereby ordered to use what resources are at your disposal to make certain that all parties that were responsible for any part of the little girl's abuse are brought to justice, and that her future care is, within reason, assured.

Also, you are cautioned that, in the future, you take a moment to consider whether your actions serve the greatest good possible. As you are aware, it is a Paladin's duty to serve good to his or her utmost potential to do so.


- Sandelphon, Foreman of the Council

This Council stands adjourned. You may all discuss freely, now.
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This was very interesting and entertaining.

Well, I've got to get back to Daggerdale and help Randal Mourn get rid of some acursed vampires - you're all invited to come along and assist if you are so inclined.


Westwind said:

My most honored and revered Lord Arioch,

Ah, do you realize that Arioch is the primary lord (god) of Chaos in the Elric Saga? I'm not really sure that's a good person to be addressing comments from a paladin to.

I'd created a ID for myself primarily to participate in these proceedings. Alas, it appears that I am late and a just ruling has been made by this august gathering of sacred knights. It took me some time to arrive from Amn. In any case, since I am here, allow me to introduce myself:

I am Emir Saladin Al'Kashan, (11th Level) Paladin and Sacred Knight of Tyr. Nephew to the present Sultan of Amn (Faerun). Youngest son of the 3rd in line to the Throne.

I would like to recdeive feedback from the Vindicator and his DM with regard to the Council's ruling.


Very impressive. Good show, everyone.

If Vindicator and his DM agree to live by the judgment of this council they will have a cool campaign story to tell for years to come.

(Much thumping, thudding and general noise)

Dwarf in full-plate bursts in.

"I be Ullric Forgehammer, LG Paladin of the dwarven gods, Hail Claggidin & Moradin! I am hear to hear.... Where's everyone got to? Really, you shouldn't post those notices so high, we shorter folk have a hard time reaching them. And really, do you need that many stairs? It took me an hour just to get over here.

Well, I'm late and missed it. As usual I suppose. Well for what it matters to those still standing around. I find nothing more valuable than freedom and mercy. This girl only walks free today because of this man's actions. Yea, the way he did it was rash and could have very well turned out worse. (I hear the cult of the Assassins often dress up as beggars & hold young girls hostage as he described. Thank Moradin that was not the case, otherwise one more Paladin would grace teh fugue plain & 1 young girl would still face torment unthinkable.

The lad lacked judgement, but he had heart. One can be learned, the other one wither has or has not. To condem him for killing a monster would be a greater travesty. Who could condem a lad for smiting evil? He needs a mentor, one who can show him how to temper mercy with justice, retribution with liberation.

If the court finds the lad guilty of anything, let it be rashness. If ye find him guilty of murder... Well I have me some coin, enough to pay a cleric to Raise a body from the dead. If ye find him guilty of murder, I shall to my best to have the victim brought back from beyond (I'll make damn sure he'll face justice mind ye!) and take responsibility for the boy till his debt is paid to me.

Ah, well... Ain't no one here to listen to one old dwarf anyhow. I'll be at the Drunken Goblin Inn, I think the stable boy there shows great promise one day."

(Missed this entier thread till now)
Vraille Darkfang


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drunkmoogle said:
Torm, you're brilliant. But will this solve the issue between Vindie and his GM? Followups, please!

lol@ solve arguments. I imagine this just gave them both many more reasons why they are in fact correct....

I agree though, this was fantastic reading, and I am glad I checked the forums today.


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I agree though, this was fantastic reading, and I am glad I checked the forums today.[/QUOTE]​

I agree as well. I must scry here more often

Greywanderer, FairyMage of Falmog.


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That's pretty funny about the Arioch thing. I've never read the books (gasp!), but the name is actually the NPC my DM devised as his primary contact/mentor in the Church of Tyr--I guess he has read the books and tought it was ironic.


This has got to be the most entertaining paladin-related thread I've seen. Any chance we could keep you people on retainer for the next paladin debate :)?


It does appear as that we had the full gamut of Paladin types in here.

We should discuss the paladin forcibly using a Helm of Opposite alignment on evil doers now. :)


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shilsen said:
This has got to be the most entertaining paladin-related thread I've seen. Any chance we could keep you people on retainer for the next paladin debate :)?

When the need arises, I shall be there. Just bellow.

/ooc: I hate paladin threads. I really hate them. But this was fun :D.

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