N1 Against the Cult of the Reptile Gods MAPS

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Pretty cool note Seth Skorkowski a fantasy and horror author, more notably known for his Call of Cthulhu reviews, recently did a review of Against the Cult of the Reptile god. Even cooler is he used my map of Orlane in the review, and also included a link to ALL the maps for this adventure!

I thought that was kinda neat!



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These are really great! If the Grid lines were still on them I'd blow these up and print them out for table use immediately! I know it might ruin how great they look but it would be perfect!

Fantastic job!

Casimir Liber

I made a map for above the dungeon and surrounds. DMs will know what the two brown things are at the bottom of the map and where they go....


  • Reptile God Dungeon surrounds.jpg
    Reptile God Dungeon surrounds.jpg
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These maps just saved me days of work. My campaign includes AtCotRG in about a month, and while the art style isn't "exactly" like I've been using in Dungeondraft for all the other maps (using the Forgotten Adventures suite of packs), it is a) definitely close enough, and b) in many ways far more beautiful and realistic...especially your treatment of water and mud in the reptile dungeon. Absolute perfection.

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