NASA sued because it failed to investigate alien life

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Remember that rock that mysteriously appeared in front of the Mars rover? Well some conspirationist dude is suing NASA because it didn't investigate.

I imagine nobody would be more giddy than the folks at NASA if they turned the bot's head to the right and saw a 3 limbed martian waving hello.

So I'm kind hoping that NASA be ordered to investigate the rock when the litigant pays them a big fat check for the extra expense to do so given that NASA probably already checked when they saw the rock.


It's a conspiracy and I'm glad someone is finally standing up to the Commies at NASA. Maybe he can get some answers on that whole "Moon landing" thing while he's at it.


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I don't think Mars could support silicon based life. That would require much higher average temperatures than are found on Terra, and Mars, being a frozen, almost airless desert, is far too cold. It can't even make up for it with vulcanism. What a nutbag.

And I, too, miss Loki a bit. He always was entertaining. 12% of people who receive a flu vaccine die from it, for example.

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