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NC GAME DAY II (Aug 23): Man, was that fun or what?!


Liquid Awesome
It is that time.

I have returned from vacation full of vim and vigor (and utterly swamped at work) ready to start anew a discussion of the particulars of NC Game Day II. In case you missed the earlier thread, it is going to be held the same place as NC Game Day I, the Talley Student Center at NC State Campus.

What I propose is this:

Step 1 - Determine that yes, you are in fact interested in attending NC Game Day II.

Step 2 - Determine that you can get to NC Game Day II (if you live in a far away land like Tibet or Boston, you may have a tough time with the drive).

Step 3 - Clear your calendar for August 23. This should include telling people like friends, relatives, bosses and spouses that you will be strangely absent that day. Precisely how strangely is up to you.

Step 4 - Post your interest in attending in this thread. You should include in your post whether you want to run a game or just play. If you plan on running a game, include some sort of brief description of the game and how many players you would like to have in the game. If you just want to play, note which, if any, of the posted games you want to participate in. If none of the presently posted games strike your fancy, mention what sorts of games you would like to play in.

Step 5 - Check back in the thread from time to time (I'd suggest subscribing to it if you don't normally) and check to see if there are any additional games you wish to sign up for.

Step 6 - Relax until August 23.

I will periodically update this first post with any important new information. I'll post that info right up at the top of the post and probably put it in bold (itallics too if I'm feeling sassy).

The post after this one will eventually include all scheduling information and I will promise to try and accomodate people as much as possible when slotting games and players. For right now I'll leave it empty until we get at least a skeletal outline of what games are going to be run and how many players will be in attendance.

I'll kick things off by saying that I'd tentatively like to run one game and play one game like I did last time. The game I'll be running will be:


If you've ever wanted to see how the other half lives (and sometimes dies), Orcz! is the adventure for you! Get a chance to play one of a motley crew of orcish misfits including:

Mugnutz the Blue - Wizard of Chaos!
Thag - Mugnutz's apprentice who is too dumb to cast spells!
Honka Thonka - Cleric of Grumsh and wielder of sharp objects!
Gronka Thonka - Gronka's twin brother and wearer of The Stinking Hide of Grumsh!
Gouge - The Half-Goblin Rogue who would spit in your one good eye just as soon as look at ya.

I look forward to hearing from everyone soon.
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Liquid Awesome
NC Game Day II Schedule (so far)

8:30 Get to Student Center. We'll be in the BLUE ROOM
Socialize. Customize your nametag in cool ways. There will be bagels.

9:00-2:00 (first slot)

Rel's Orcz: D&D 3E game
Henry as Mugnutz the Blue
Jon Potter as Gronka Thonka
Templetroll as Gouge
NCSU Code Monkey as Honka Thonka
Lola as Thag

Jeph's Brikwars: Lego Wargaming

Shemeska's Planescape Game: D&D 3E - NOW FULL

Solenopsis' "Down and Dirty on the Farm"

Brenda as Sally Mae - Druid Lv. 5
Micah as Cousin Bobby - Ranger Level 5
TheDMsGirl as Aunt Betty - Sorceress Lv. 5
hyperpower as Sheriff Jed - Paladin Lv. 5
Deputy John - Fighter Lv. 5 Available
Father McCallister - Cleric Lv. 5 Available

2:00-3:00 Break for lunch.

3:00-8:00 (second slot)

Henry's Mutants & Masterminds Game
Mister Book (friend of Hand of Vecna)
Hand of Vecna

NCSU Code Monkey's Against All Ooze: A 3E Forgotten Realms game
Jon Potter

Rel's Orcz Reducz: D&D 3E game
Solenopsis as Gouge
TheDMsGirl as Mugnutz the Blue
Gronka Thonka Available
hyperpower as Honka Thonka
Speaks With Stone as Thag

8:00-9:00 Pack up our stuff and talk about how much fun we had.

9:00-Whenever - Hit Rock-Ola Cafe for late dinner for anybody who wants to attend.

People who are not yet assigned to any games (?'s denote that this player may or may not be attending)

Templetroll's daughter (Miss Troll?)
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Hmm... if my current Saturday game players will forgive my absence, I might like to try my hand running a 3rd ed Planescape game for some random folks aside from my current two groups. I'll give some more info as the date gets closer and I come up with an idea from my big bag o'unused plots.


Liquid Awesome
Thanks for the support, Mark. I can say without hesitation that your help and that of CMG tremendously enhanced the last NCGD.

Shemeska, don't beg off from your Saturday players. Bring em' along! The more, the merrier.



I mean.. err... I'd like to play Mugnutz the Blue in your game. :)

I would also offer to run one of three choices for people:

1) A Mutants and Masterminds Superhero Game - "Doom of the Fusigoid!" (an original creation)

2) A d20 Modern Psuedo-Horror Game - "Try the Pork!" (this would use the characters from the previous d20 Modern game I ran.)

3) Dungeons and Dragons Game (to be announced, because I'm hoping if I run it that Mark Clover will provide me with a kick-butt scenario.) :)



Liquid Awesome
Henry said:

Your selection has been noted and your spot reserved.

My vote for your game would be option 2 or 3. I'll also note that you have provided us with our first bit of structure for the game day in that since you will be playing in my game, you'll be GMing in the other time slot (be it morning or afternoon).

Also Henry, I recall you saying that your attendance was somewhat dependant on you getting accomodations in the area. If you have trouble with that, let me know and I can probably find a bed for you at my house.

EDIT: One other little thing dawned on me. When people talk about running D&D games, they should probably specify if they will be using 3E or 3.5E. This is especially if they are going to be generating their own characters. I'll go ahead and say that my Orcz game will be 3E so I can accomodate anybody who hasn't learned the 3.5 rules yet (like possibly me).
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Henry said:
Dungeons and Dragons Game (to be announced, because I'm hoping if I run it that Mark Clover will provide me with a kick-butt scenario.) :)

After a set back early this year due to family difficulties (ill mother), I was unable to keep my promise to provide Crothian with a scenario for his last Ohio Gameday. That will not be a problem with the next NC gameday given the timeframe, so you can count on several from which to choose. :)

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