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5E Need an idea for a player.


Going to be starting up a game with 2 players and need some options for 1 of them without overwhelming him with choices.

I'll be running it on "easy mode" so optimization is not needed.
First player will be a Druid.
Other player wants something for "agility based support". He's new to pen and paper, but used to class concepts from video games.

Any ideas to toss around would be appreciated.

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I would say Rogue for agility based support. Generally not too hard to run as a class if you choose one of the simpler sub-classes and is based upon Dexterity aka Agility.

Cheers :)


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Druid turns into a bear, rogue supports from the back.

You could make it a scout rogue so they could both be "nature" PCs


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The easiest rogue to run would be a swashbuckler IMHO if they're going to be getting into melee, especially with a smaller group. Dex based champion fighter would probably be the simplest option overall.

I will agree with the idea of going rogue. There are many ways to be a 'support' person, and I really feel that in a lot of ways rogue is an easier 'jack of all trades' type. Less buttons to push.


"Support" from a video game player usually means heals and buffs.

I'd actually recommend a bard. The D&D bard is charisma-based, but dex is a good secondary. It also fits the image of agile, lightly armored character who supports her team.


My only concern is "support" - make sure you understand what the player means by that, as they have different meanings in different setting.

"Support" from a video game player usually means heals and buffs.

I'd actually recommend a bard. The D&D bard is charisma-based, but dex is a good secondary. It also fits the image of agile, lightly armored character who supports her team.

Strongly agree with all of that. I'd definitely ask what the player envisions "support" to be, if that hasn't been done yet. You can certainly take any class in a support direction, but my first pitch to the player would also be bard. Personally, I think a bard + druid duo sounds pretty fun, and each has lots of character options/flexibility.

As for simplicity, if you're starting at level 1, the bard will only know a few spells. And depending on the player's video game experiences/preferences, it's very possible the mechanical aspects of d&d won't be much trouble at all.


Even when starting at 1st I think player should a College in mind.

So any suggestions for a College that is more combat oriented?


A ranged-specialised Battlemaster Fighter would make for some good agility-based support with the right choice of maneuvers.


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Few ideas:
  • Mastermind rogue + Healer feat
  • Dex-based battlemaster
  • Dex/Cha Celestial or Fey warlock
  • Dex/Wis Trickery cleric

I would make sure the player knows that the druid can mostly cover healing and buffs by themselves, so another support class may be redundant in a 2-players party.

College of Swords bard seem to match your player's description perfectly.
  • Dex based melee combat
  • Buffing and enchantment spells
Another option is a dex-based paladin.
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I spontaneously thought about rogue (master mind). Being able to use help action as a bonus action is very efficient in a 2 person party. Being very good at skills also helps a lot. I would not worry too much about healing and might instead chose the chef feat from the recent unearthed arcana and most probably from the new tasha's book or alternatively the inspirational leader feat.

If you want it PHB only, I would still take rogue and opt for the thief subclass. And now I'd indeed chose the healer feat which could be used as a bonus action.


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Got a query for anyone paying attention. I came across list of Warlock pacts and found one that seem great for a 2 player party

Pact of the Supporter
When you finish a short or long rest, you can designate one ally as your bonded ally. You can only have one bonded ally at a time using this feature. You may change your bonded ally when you finish a short or long rest. While you are within 1 mile of your bonded ally, you gain the following benefits:

  • When either your bonded ally or you are affected by a positive effect, the other receives the same benefits.
  • Your bonded ally counts as you for the purpose of triggering spells from you with a casting time of reaction.
  • You may use your bonus action to grant your bonded ally advantage on his next ability check or attack roll.
  • You can expend 10 minutes casting a ritual to teleport up to 30 feet from your bonded ally or you can perform the ritual to teleport him up to 30 feet of you.
  • As an action you can see through you bonded ally eyes and hear what he does. During this time,you are blind and deaf with regard to your own senses.
  • While your bonded ally is within 100 feet of you, you can telepathically communicate with him

It that 1st line that I'm not sure about.
Spell affects?
Non spell healing?
Bonus from a magical item?
Is it optional? (probably not to limit its power)
Thoughts overall?

EDIT: Found this further in the same site as an invocation.
Improved Bond
Prerequisite: Pact of the Supporter

While you are within 1 mile of your bonded ally, you gain the following benefit:

  • You may use your reaction to grant your bonded ally advantage on a single saving throw.
  • You can give your energies to you bonded ally, you can suffer damage equal to twice your charisma modifier+your warlock level and heal him the same amount.
  • When either your bonded ally or you suffer damage from attacks or spells, the other heals half the damage taken.
  • When you cast a spell or cantrip that targets yourself, you can instead target your bonded ally.
  • Your bonded ally also makes the extra damage from your cursed enemy by Hex or Hexblade curse.

Again, not all of makes sense on 1st glance.
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I also suggest rogue, either swashbuckler or mastermind (assuming he is taught how the help action works this is a HELL of a good support class for something simple). Another option if he's wanting to play caster is actually bard of valor or ranger. Just have him pick spells that are focused on healing and out of combat roles (with the ranger stuff like pass without trace, animal friendship, etc. are great for that), so in combat he can focus on just attacking and learning the basics.