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Currently I am running my group through Keep on the Shadowfell, and intend to purchase a PHB so they can remake their characters the way they want.

However, I am curious as to the need, at least immediatly, of the DMG and MM. I figure it will take at least 3-4 more weeks (we play once a week) before they run through KotS.

For an experienced DM, how useful is the DMG?

I am basically trying to decide if the DMG or the MM is my next purchase.

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For the experienced DM? I don't think it's necessary. Its crunch is basically how to construct adventures, how to bundle and hand out treasure, and how to design encounters. If you're running KotS, you might benefit from some of the info on scaling, but mostly not. The PHB has all the magic items in it, so you can rework the the treasure in the keep as you need (so as to better fit your reconstructed party).


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The rules in the DMG will be very useful if your players decide to do something the adventure designers didn't anticipate. The MM probably wouldn't help you.

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