3PP Release NEW 3PP - Crests of Destiny: Heritage Gifts for Fated Figures!


Josh Gentry - Author, Minister in Training
Hi everyone! Got a different kind of A5E product today: Crests of Destiny!

Crests of destiny are heritage gifts which mark characters fated for heroic deeds! These traits are suitable for any campaign, but especially for those curious about matters of fate---and the very underpinnings of reality! Included in this supplement are the following rules expansions:
  • 26 new heritage gifts, each suitable for characters of any heritage
  • Based on the Tarot, these gifts especially benefit characters who use combat maneuvers
  • A table to randomly choose your gift

Now available for $4.99 on DTRPG Crests of Destiny - Heritage Gifts for Fated Figures (A5E) - Josh Gentry | DriveThruRPG.com


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This product right here is a prime example of just how much flexibility there is in the A5E system and how many exciting design hooks to hang new stuff on it has. You couldn't do anything like this with O5E.

By the way, the implementation here is absolutely top-notch. Well worth picking up.

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