3PP Release New 3PP Release: MoAR Intrigue!


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The second installment of the Manual of Adventurous Resources series is out. Last time we had stuff for the Wilderness, this time the theme is Intrigue!

This one is packed with cool new stuff!


  • Heritage: Tabaxi
  • Cultures: Desert Hierarch and Hoplite Legionnaire
  • Backgrounds: Apothecary, Barkeep, Bounty Hunter, Bureaucrat, Caretaker, Lawyer, and Spy

  • Adept: Blade Dancer and Field Agent
  • Cleric: Judge
  • Fighter: Enforcer and Watchman
  • Herald: Liberator
  • Marshal: Frontliner and Spymaster
  • Ranger: Fugitive Hunter
  • Rogue: Fugitive
  • Wizard: Advisor

  • Stronghold: Safehouse
  • Followers: Caretaker, Cleaner, Cryptographer, and Operative

  • Concealed Weapon
  • Conjure Trap
  • Lingering Shadow
  • Transmutation Circle

Also includes Foundry VTT support for free!

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Forgive my necromancy, but its mention in another thread had me going back to reread the Blade Dancer, specifically the 11th level feature, which allows you to perform multiple reactions at a cost of 1 exertion for each past the first, as long as you're using a Fencer's Arsenal weapon and performing a "parry, combat maneuver or opportunity attack"."

The problem is that the parrying weapon property doesn't actually interact with reactions as written. It's instead just "once a round." I think it's a reasonable assumption that this feature should allow you to perform multiple parries (probably with a restriction that they must be against different creatures) at the cost of 1 exertion after the first, but it would need to be reworded to handle the parrying property and reactions separately. I can't think of a succinct way to write it though. For ease of use, I'd probably track the exertion costs for additional parries and additional reactions separately.


A5E Designer and third-party publisher
Tentative wording:
"You may use a weapon's parrying ability as a reaction with this feature, and when using this feature, the once per turn limitation of a parrying weapon is ignored."


How about:
"While wielding one of your Fencer’s Arsenal weapons, when you use use the parrying property of a weapon or use your reaction to perform an parry, opportunity attack or a combat maneuver, you can use this feature to do so without expending your reaction, up to a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus each round. "
The next sentence
"You pay exertion costs normally, and any of these actions after the first without an exertion cost instead costs 1 exertion."
already takes care of the 1 exertion per additional parrying.


A5E Designer and third-party publisher
That also works!

Also: at this point, I can't really update the original PDF, but I have made a note for any reprints that material gets.
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