3PP Release New 3PP release: Thematic Toolkit: Thunder of War!

This month's Thematic Toolkit is available for purchase!

Thunder of War is the first one that features non-casters exclusively, and covers the berserker/marshal combination.

The berserker archetype this time is the Linebreaker, a sort of "ultimate shock trooper" built to smash enemy lines.

The marshal archetype is the Valorous, a courageous marshal that inspires the same in their allies. Try to scare or intimidate this team at your peril!

And of course, as always, there's a new Warleader synergy feat chain to combine these or any other berserker and marshal archetypes you desire.

Back to the normal size—and price—this month. $3 again and as always, that includes a Foundry module.

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Gnome Rager

As soon as they get added to the SRD? Yep! I'd love to support those and even have some ideas, but they're not in the SRD yet.
This is good to know. I think the synergy feats are a really interesting design space that open up a lot more options so I look forward to to seeing your take on more classes

Here's something else to anticipate: I know of at least four other A5E base classes in various stages of development from various designers. As those work their way out into publication, I have plans to work with some of those authors to support their material with a special additional Thematic Toolkit release or two.

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