New Campaign Setting Hint Is Eberron?


Why would Eberron without a time skip be boring? It would not be a fully fleshed campaign setting book that details the same information but something more akin to the 5e Ravenloft book. It would offer a taste of Eberron and an adventure.

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Honestly I think the Eberron book would focus more mechanics and giving players the basics then an adventure given that 2 Water deep adventure books are coming out, AL has it's own adventures coming including Myth Drannar, and 2 other companies will be coming out with their own adventures for their regions and cons (Moonshae Isles and Border Kingdoms). That is a lot of competing new adventurers.


I would definitely take Spelljammer over Planescape. I have all the modules and splat for both but Planescape just seems not particularly fleshed out in the sense that the outer planes and elemental planes are pretty self-explanatory. Sigil is cool but pretty much every major element from Planescape is mentioned in the 5th ed DMG.

The one thing I do hope they do is a full Ravenloft Campaign guide and eventually a 5e Realms guide. I'd even be happy if they did something new like show us Abeir.

Xendrik is too similar to Chult, so I highly doubt we'll see much of a focus on it.
I don't see Xen'drik as being anything like Chult, personally. (Assuming I am right about Chult being a dinosaur-infested jungle.) Xen'drik has all sorts of terrain (since it is a continent), the ruins of the Empire of the Giants, tribes of scorpion-worshipping Drow and the Traveller's Curse that makes all journeys potentially problematic.

Two Multiverses

In the upcoming setting books, I'd like WotC to recognize that there are two two different official D&D Multiverses, with two different timelines:

  1. Classic Timeline: The story of the classic D&D worlds, which unfolded exactly as presented in the old product lines. This would be like the "Legends Continuity" of Star Wars. The Classic Timeline of all the worlds would be tied together using existing Spelljammer/Planescape cross-over dates, to make a unified "Classic Multiverse". Localized versions of the events of Die Vecna Die, the Spellplague, and Second Sundering happened "off-screen" in the future of all the non-FR worlds.
  2. 5E "Reboot" Timeline. As seen in Curse of Strahd. Also like the new "Story Group Continuity" of Star Wars or the Abramsverse of Star Trek. Reset the date to most iconic era of each world (e.g. Mystara 1000 AC) - and equate these to the current year of the 5E Forgotten Realms to make a unified "Reboot Multiverse". This timeline may mix and match most iconic characters from different eras of the Classic timeline. In the Reboot Multiverse, the mulitiversal catastrophes of Die Vecna Die, the Spellplague, and Second Sundering didn't necessarily happen in the other worlds.

Even though the Reboot Multiverse would be the one which is currently supported, the Classic Multiverse would be acknowledged as continuing to exist as a parallel D&D Multiverse. Forgotten Realms would be the same in both Multiverses, since it's the only world which maintained continuity and advanced its timeline throughout all editions.

There are also some timeline fragments which don't fit into either timeline (such as the Great War future timeline of Mystara, which was later retconned), and which would be like the Infinities (N-Canon) stories of Star Wars, which are neither Legends Universe or Story Group Universe.

Also, each DM's own campaign is a distinct Multiverse as well.

More details:


I am getting old. I would rather it be Greyhawk or just something totally new.

Something new with LESS lore would be fun...more to fill in.

In 1st Edition AD&D days, the 'Realms seemed new and novel. We enjoyed a less populated feel. Now? It seems like a Mexican soap opera to me. Part of it is the many books and popular characters but it seems too civilized, too tamed, too well known.

Something fresh or little explored would be fun. I would buy a reference just for reading pleasure for Tyr's sake!

FR has a how bunch of unexplored continients, we don't know what has happened in Kara Tur and Zakhara more then a hundred years, there is the world of Abier that has barely been explored along with worlds like Glyph within realm space, two ecoplanes, the demiplanes the Celestial Nadir and so, so much more. 5e changed so many things and have very sparse details to most of those changes. There a major cities we don't know if they still exist, same with nations. We don't even have a complete detailed map of Faerun.


Note: In the previous "photo tease", the word (CHRON)OMANCER in tiny script in the upper right hand corner. Plus the mention of "time machine." Chronomancer was a one-shot meta-setting for AD&D2e - a sort of "time-travel" version of Planescape, with it own classes: Temporal Raider, Temporal Champion, and Chronomancer.

Time travel references are specifically because Nathan Stewart wrote June 6th in his first teaser photo, instead of July 6th. People accused him of using a time machine to go back in time to make an announcement one month prior.

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