New Cooperative D&D Video Game Allows a DM To Run The Adventure

An upcoming Dungeons & Dragons video game based on the new D&D 5th Edition rules will allow groups of up to four players to cooperate in online games run by a real human Dungeon Master. Called Sword Coast Legends, it's coming this year, and is being developed by n-Space and Digital Extremes. It sounds very much like a game partly inspired by the Neverwinter Nights video games.

Developer Dan Tudge mentions the setting. "You can certainly expect to visit iconic locations along the Sword Coast and you may even run into a few familiar faces along the way." He also goes on to talk about how the game actually works: "Dungeon Master Mode is going to allow players to quickly jump in and play as a real-time DM in a way that has never really been fully realized in a video game. DMs are able to adjust encounters, place, promote, manage and even control monsters, set traps, reward and punish party members – all in real time"

Not only that, but a Campaign Mode allows for much larger storylines, and a Single Player mode allows one player to lead a groups of adventurers recruited within the game.

It almost sounds like the ultimate in virtual tabletops, although it's not clear what worldbuilding tools or custom content can be included.

Tudge talks about the inspiration behind the game. "When I directed Dragon Age: Origins the mission was to create the ‘spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate’ and I think players really felt like Origins achieved that. With Sword Coast Legends we are also continuing the legacy of the Baldur’s Gate series so you will see strong influences from not only those games, but from Dragon Age: Origins as well. You will definitely feel the influence in the tactical party-based combat, pause and play and character progression, but it’s the rich story and memorable characters where the influence is strongest."







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Sounds like it's coming soon. Yikes. They must be barrelling through development.
I guess an overhead game like that where you don't really zoom in can go a little easier on the graphics. And you don't need as much detail on the particle effects and such.


If I can't make up encounters and social scenarios on the fly, homebrew everything from PC races to monsters to magic items, and create and apply my own house rules--then it ain't a tabletop, virtual or otherwise.

Looks like it might be a pretty cool video game, though. I'll check it out.


It seems inspired by Dragon Age: Origins and has the director of that game, DA:O can be paused at will with the space bar and you then can assign actions to the party members not exactly turn based but pretty darn close.

Looks Amazing, I haven't felt the need to get a new gaming PC in awhile but this makes me want to so much, been a long time since I was excited for a video game (turning 40 this year).

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