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Coming back to a ghost town

Cheers all,

I step away for a bit and the place clears out...

How is everyone who is still around? Are there games being run? Anyone need a DM or player?

See you in game,


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There's like, one game staggering on and talk of another game being run after it. All the judges left after the site collapsed and we never fully recovered.


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I hope that the A Call for Lovers game carries on. Would like to see something else here, I think.

I've got involved in a couple of D&D 4e's over at the Giant in the Playground forums, but they are separate worlds and have widely different posting rates. I'm all for slow but steady these days.


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Harsh, seems the living worlds are fading. It was nice to hear from you guys, hopefully 5th edition will resurrect the interest of the judges.


Spawn of Khyber/LEB Judge
Crash, life (new child), lack of WotC support, and more RL RP opportunities have pulled me away. I check for 5E news mostly these days.


I'm one of the many who faded away about 3 years ago. Just wanted to come back and say, for whatever it's worth: I'm sorry! Sorry to anyone out there who still might be lurking for leaving without saying goodbye. I never thought I'd be one of the ones to just quietly drop off but that's exactly what happened. Like many, a combination of several factors came into play to cause me to drift off and then a sort of general embarrassment kept me from coming back and officially saying goodbye. Well, here it is, for me, anyway: officially good bye!

Judging from the last post dates, the Pathfinder world is limping along and Living 4th has one last adventure but the other two living worlds are long dead. Even the mighty r1 hasn't been online for about two years, so you know things are low. Not sure if it's worth archiving this stuff or just letting it float off into the ether.

That said, maybe now that 5.0 has started to drop, once the dust settles and the game is established, maybe a Living 5th Edition group could rise like a phoenix from the ashes; who knows. 5.0 seems to support theater of the mind a lot easier, so that might help. And certainly the product will be a flagship with lots of support going forward, and that might draw people in. Or... maybe play-by-post was just a by-product of the late 2000s / early 2010s that filled a need for a few people at that point in their lives, and now they're all older and don't have the time, and the younger folks have an easier time finding face-to-face games to play. That's sort of a better outcome, anyway.

Anyway, thanks for the fun everyone! I believe this adventure has drawn to a close, at least for me. Take care!


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Hey all. It's been a while but I'm back. I see that jBear is running
an adventure. I haven't looked yet but is everyone who started the
adventure still in the adventure? If not, I'd love to step in


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Hey dimsdale,

The adventure is actually just winding down after a good however many years it has been (3?).

3 of the original players made it until the end and mewness joined part of the way through.

At the moment RL is in full swing and I don't have the time to kick off the next adventure just yet. I amy not be in a position to do so either for at least a little while.

We were considering just RPing the aftermath of the adventure in the meantime but that hasn't really happened.

(I am checking in and looking guys btw, in case you do post I will probably respond and play with whatever you come up with).

As for joining, we have WEContact as our 5th player and Nemesis Destiny's wife as 5 1/2 player. I don't believe sh has confirmed either way if she wanted to be the 6th casual player or not yet.

But I am not in a rush to move things on to have anyone make those decisions yet, as I don't think I would be able to follow up on keeping the adventure chugging along.

7 players might be too much unfortunately. But if on the off chance ND's wife were to decide she is not keen to play as she is too busy then I will send you a PM.



Hello everyone. It's been a couple of years, but with 5E out I would love to rekindle that pbp flame. Maybe a L5E to grab all the hype from the start?

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