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This thread is a continuation of the old discussion thread (which had grown to prodigious length).

The hope is that a new discussion thread will be a little bit more inviting for people.

This is for general discussion. While you should feel free to post about whatever you like there are several other threads that may be more appropriate for certain topics:
The Character Review Thread -- in principle character approval is handled by email, but communication regarding approved characters can also go here
The adventures you're thinking about running
The characters you're planning on playing
There are many other, more detailed threads; you can find them on the forum.

Generally Useful Links
Character Creation Guide
L4W Forum
L4W Wiki (Main) - includes a lot of important but somewhat random information
The Transitive Isles - the wiki that explains the setting; includes links to more detailed sections

If you have an idea about what character you want to play you can also just join us in the Tavern and roleplay.
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Well I suppose we have begun L4W's first battle over in EM: Dark Marks. If any more experienced 4th edition DMs would care to look in now and then I would greatly appreciate any forth coming feedback.

On a side note to my players does everyone understand the map sufficiently?


Yeah. But the advantage is that a lot of text is deleted, so you can just go down pretty quickly and edit fast (instead of having to delete each line).

And it's -all- there. I'll redo my PC (after I get my adventure approved) and see, but I think it'll be deceptively fast.


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Well I have added a Kicker to Brudd's sheet - which I am currently updateing to use all of the templates, etc. Here it is...

Love interest! Brudd has an on again off again romance with a Minotaur Paladin of Hadeys by he name of Dapple Merrowlite, or Daps. Dapple has already named their wedding day, claiming that she saw it in a holy vision. Brudd is fairly sure she is jokeing, she is jokeing right?She couldn't be serious, right? On the other hand Brudd would not put it past his god to stitch him up like that. Despite himself Brudd is not entirely displeased with the idea. According to Dapple they will be married on the next summer solstice.

I also added a hook which I think could make for a fun game in itself. Though it has the potential to set Brudd up as the Chief of a herd of Minotaurs they are primitive and dwell upon a distant Isle. If it ever came up Brudd would likely set them up as mercenaries and leave them to it.

Brudd does not know it but his father, Faun Brassback, was once the Chieftain of the Brazen Bulls Herd - Faun is now the owner of The Drowned Man in Bacarte. The Brassback's distinctive bronze streak is typical amongst the tribes dominant males, and only such a male can challenge for leadership - though if a leader chooses to issue a challenge any can answer it. However Faun was driven off by a worshipper of the Horned King named Snerll Thunderhorn who goaded Faun into accepting his challenge, despite his lack of the brazen back by killing Faun's mate - Brudd's mother. Faun was beaten into unconciousness and set adrift upon a raft - as per age old tradition dictated.

Snerll has dragged the Brazen Bulls back down into savagery, the slaughter all who come to their barren Isle in sacred rites where their prey are delivered blindfolded into the massive ruined labyrinths that dominate the Isle and stalked by the champions of the Horned King. However, many of the Minotaurs are not all happy with their lot, they remember the distant days of Faun's reign when the herd was making strides towards civilization and its benefits. But all bearers of a brass back, those with the right to challenge for leadership, have been hunted down and slaughtered by the ruthless Snerll... Or rather all but one.


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Nice hook Halford! (the second one) Actually it's been some time since i've wanted to place an adventure in a sort of huge labirynth-dungeon (or section of)... Maybe in a while, if no-one else takes the chance before...

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