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Thanks! Yes I'm rather fond of the ruined labyrinths too, any ideas for an Island name? Additionally are we planning to use Baphomet? He is my number one Horned King contender, as per the Minotaur entry in the MM.

I am picturing a cold Isle lashed by wind and rain, something akin to some of the Scottish Isles, Shetland, etc. Well with extra Minotaurs obviously, and labyrinths.

Oh, and see me stretch a pun about money lending into a plot device - Brassback, get it.:p I'm a sad sad man.

Incidently does that mean you don't like the first one? Minotaurs need love to! :.-( LOL. I love the idea of a pirate wedding.

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It's not that I don't like it, it just isn't my piece of cake (as a dm ^)...
as for the name... only thing that comes to my mind right now is Dedalon (which actually means labirynth in ancient greek... it's not that hot i know... :)


Additionally are we planning to use Baphomet? He is my number one Horned King contender, as per the Minotaur entry in the MM.

I seem t'be recallin' a bit o conversatin' long ago, suggestin' that we didna need t'be specifyin' evil deities, but 'twere long ago, and p'r'aps we should be revisitin' the idea. Arrrrr!

Voda Vosa

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Ah' lov' both o yer hooks. Poor ol' Brudd, he'll be usin' me ol' tale "Ah'm married t'the sea" t'get tha' witch's hand off o him. Ah'll suggest "Krom'Darr" fer a name. No meanin' anythin', Ah just t'ought 't was nice.
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Arrr, mateys! I done sent off the summary for me Monster Crew Pirate adventure to the judges! I had a wee bit o' inspiration last night and it all came tagether fer me at last. So now I gots ta write me up the detailed overview and get it sent today(hopefully) fer approval as soon as possible.

Don't think we'll get started today, Covaithe. But I'll hoist the sails and swab the deck so we can get underway as soon as the wind from the judge(s) starts blowin' toward approval!


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On a side note to my players does everyone understand the map sufficiently?
Ts'iri is the T's on the map right? And the NPC is T? Other than that clairification the map seems great.

As soon as Callen posts an action I'll post mine.

PS: almost forgot! "Arrr, mateys!"


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Avast ye scury seadogs! I've bled me fingers to tha bone typin', an I sent the detailed overview of me piratey adventure off to the judges of Davey Jones' locker. Now my crew, we wait...

But while we're waitin', I got a request. Ya see I haven't come up with a good Title for this adventure yet. The best I've got so far is "A Pirate's Life For Me!". And that don't sit real well with me so far. So if ya have any ideas matey, then step forward and spit 'em out. You may be the one ta name this here adventure!

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