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elecgraystone Ts'iri is represented by the T'S. In order to avoid confusion the next interation of the map will show Tyrion as N, for NPC.

Argh, I bethinkin' that ye could use the name of a ship, or we could come up with a name for the crew in the, um, scurvy tavern. Arg! Lets spitball.

The Boys from Bacarte (problematic since not all of them are)
For the Money! (hehe, I quite like that)
As long as it pays. (obviously a variation of the above)


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I'm just leaving work now, so I'll post Kama'zer's attack in an hour or two after I get home. Why do I get the feeling from looking at the initiative order that she's about to become a pincushin followed by getting smashed by that bugbear...:eek::.-(


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Avast ye scury seadogs! I've bled me fingers to tha bone typin', an I sent the detailed overview of me piratey adventure off to the judges of Davey Jones' locker. Now my crew, we wait...

But while we're waitin', I got a request. Ya see I haven't come up with a good Title for this adventure yet. The best I've got so far is "A Pirate's Life For Me!". And that don't sit real well with me so far. So if ya have any ideas matey, then step forward and spit 'em out. You may be the one ta name this here adventure!

What about "Bloody waters, salty blood" ?
It's probably too lame... :blush:


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LOL The goblin archers are +9? Damn. Quick question though, the one goblin did 8 and the second did nine but I took 18 damage. Shouldn't that be 17?

Edit: Ohhhh, it was a crit and the roller doesn't change those. Ok, ignore that.
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Yep Goblin Sharpshooters +9, you were barely within their close range, one actually shifted up to put you in close range. The reason you took 18 is because a crit deals max damage so he did 10 not 9.

Jut be very thankful you made your perception check otherwise they would have done an extra d6 each!
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