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New Hodgepocalypse species - 5e - Marlarkoids

Marlarkoids claim they are a space fairing alien species that landed on earth before the revelations, sometime in the very early 21st century. They took on human vestiges to walk among us for a short time before being forced to leave because of what is now only known as interspecies difficulties with some of their young ones, the rest of the details where official redacted both by human and Marlarkoids officials at the time. Despite this, they also claim they have visited earth occasionally over the decades leading up to the revelations, just to check up on the humans that interest them so much. Due to much stricter protocols, often they only came close enough to pick up current music that was being transmitted from the planet. On their last trip to earth, a tour company full of families found that their interdimensional drives on their vessel suddenly began to go haywire, sucking them towards Earth like singularity. Before they knew it, they had crash landed in the middle of Armageddon.

One would think that learning aliens from outerspace and not some other dimension would be a big deal for not just humans, but other species. But, many human scholars believe that the Marlarkoid story doesn’t hold up under inspection and accuse them of being nothing more than mutations whose bodies and brains were scrambled by the revelations. Other scholars have just simply shrugged off the alien story as being just another day in post-post-apocalypse. In the case of the legendary majister of the Rock, Waldorf the Groovy, he simply stated to a couple of Marlarkoid visitors, “welcome to the party.”

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