D&D 5E New Unearthed Arcana: Wonders of the Multiverse

WotC has posted a new Unearthed Arcana featuring the Glitchling race, the Fate domain, and a handful of backgrounds, feats and spells.

In today’s Unearthed Arcana, we explore D&D character options from across the multiverse. This playtest document presents the glitchling race; the Fate Domain cleric subclass; and the gate warden, giant foundling, planar philosopher, and rune carver backgrounds. Additionally, a collection of new feats provide links to giants and other primordial forces of the planes, while a selection of new spells highlight the power of fate and chance.

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They remove flavor from UA all the time, and Crawford outright admits that they did that here in the video, though he also laughed and said that players can still probably draw conclusions from what's here. But they did scrub what they are working on to remove the context.
Well, if so, they've managed to scrub it so it looks truly terrible lol. And the mechanics are definitely dire. Especially because they're so combat-centric.

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  • Glitchlings: As a fan of rogue modrons since they were first a thing, kind of put off that the plan appears to be to sideline them in favor of "glitchlings." Gives me vibes of the 3E era, where modrons were shoved aside in favor of inevitables and formians. (Don't get me wrong, I like them too, but there should always be room for silly.) If glitchlings are explicitly defined as a category of creature that include rogue modrons, though, that's OK with me. (Would also suggest ideas like rogue inevitables.)
  • Fate Domain: It's fine.
  • Backgrounds: These feel like mini-classes at this point, not just a character's backstory template. (Though I do like Giant Foundling.) Beginning to wonder if BIFT is going to be gone in 2024, with far fewer suggested traits. (Particularly noticeable with the Planescape faction background.) Note, BTW, that the backgrounds are designed to be inseparable from the feats.
  • Feats: Feat sections became the least interesting section of sourcebooks for me back in the 3E era, especially when feat chains were in play. This is giving me uncomfortable flashbacks to that feeling, for the first time since 5E launched. Maybe they'll feel different split into their respective books? Anyway, I'm wondering if we're going to see a lot of these feats as possible options for a revised Custom Lineage in 2024.
  • Spells: Interesting, but IDK about them being so strongly tied to the Deck.

Micah Sweet

Level Up & OSR Enthusiast
You've been accused of being a WotC defender? Seriously? By who? I've never once seen you post anything positive about WotC for years. It's nothing but, 5e is D&D on training wheels, the combat system is crap, the game is broken, nothing works, the players abuse the system endlessly, on and on and on. Unfailing negativity.

And, here we are again. The mechanics are crap yet again.

Do you really think I'm just making this up? Seriously?
What if the mechanics are crap (or at least uninspiring and overly combat-focused, as was claimed)? Are we allowed to call it out then, or should we just stay quiet unless its a rave review?

Glitchling has captured my imagination. Nice compliment to the warforged. Would like to play one as a rogue.

Fate cleric is a great concept. The execution seems dull. But that's my reaction to most cleric subclasses.

Some fun ideas among the feats, but many seem underpowered -- particularly with damage scaling.

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