D&D 5E New Vecna Battle (Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!) - CONCLUDED


So, we've played out a couple test battles with the new Vecna stat block here:

But it's time to shake things up a bit!
  • PCs are 20th level. Making them through DND Beyond is preferable, but not required of course.
  • Use either standard array or point-buy, no rolling scores.
  • Nothing from Critical Role please!!! (I don't know their stuff and would not want to spend the time doing it! Thank you!)
  • Any published race and class is allow (other than the aforementioned CR material...)
  • You get two uncommon and one rare magic item OR one very rare magic item (magic weapons are assumed for purposes of damaging Vecna, so are not "required" choices), plus any normal equipment (armor, weapons, etc.) you want. Please limit items such as alchemist's fire to 5 uses maximum.
  • New battle map (nothing too great, but made by yours truly) to be revealed when the battle begins!
  • This is an actual Vecna "lair", so includes some lair benefits/ actions to make the fight more challenging (and hopefully memorable!).
  • Running it like an actual encounter, not just "ok, there he is, FIGHT!"
  • Vecna gets the Book of Vile Darkness this time. Shutter
  • Rolling will be done via Roll20 and results will be given in the turn descriptions.

We are looking for volunteers to follow the encounter and play their PC. So far, from the prior battles, we have

@FitzTheRuke playing a rogue, Pyre (D&D Beyond Character Sheet)
@Stalker0 has two PCs made: Ezabard the Stormforged (D&D Beyond Character Sheet) and Sir Arthur Damless (D&D Beyond Character Sheet)

A cleric would fill out the "classic 4", but is not a requirement.

If anyone is interested in joining this next phase, please let us know! Thanks and let's hope for a great encounter! :)

EDIT: Here is the flow of the battle:

The initial scene:

Looking for Traps and Scanning ahead...

The First Hints that Vecna is Near! Pyre begins to turn to stone...

Reactions to Vecna.

4.2.21 - Selossen casts bless and 4.2.20 (Lair Action) Shadows attack!

4.2.19 Pyre teleports and slays a Shadow.

4.2.12 Ezabard's fireball is foiled...

4.2.12 Ezabard (con't) teleports to the front to see what lies ahead.

4.2.12 Ezabard (concluded) sees numerous symbols and glyph spells throughout the lair.

4.2.12 Vecna dispels the magic on Ezabard!

4.2.12 Vecna (concluded) misses Ezabard with dagger attacks.

4.2.2 Vyrlim slays two Shadows and moves to help Ezabard.

4.3.21 Selossen destroys the last Shadow and dispels the flesh to stone on Pyre!

4.3.20 (Lair Action) Ezabard is tethered to Vecna by necrotic magic!

4.3.19 Pyre runs to join the fight, teleports, and strikes Vecna!

4.3.12 Ezabard hits Vecna with arcane hand!

4.3.12 Vecna uses Rotten Fate on Ezabard and attacks him with Afterthought!

4.3.2 Vyrlim uses lay on hands on Ezabard

4.4.21 Selossen misses Vecna with sacred flame

4.4.20 (Lair Action) Venca summons Shadows again and they attack

4.4.19 Pyre maneuvers around two Shadows to attack Vecna but misses!

4.4.12 Ezabard attempts meteor swarm but Venca interrupts it...

4.4.12 Vecna uses Rotten Fate on Ezabard again, and stabs him with Afterthought -- killing the wizard!
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I've made another rogue. I posted it in the other thread, but I think you must have missed it. Here she is: Pyre, Eladrin Rogue.

If no one else joins, I'll whip up a Cleric.
Thanks, I must have over looked it.

I'm actually playing most of tomorrow, so you can give it a solid 24 hours or more and if no one jumps in by late Saturday night or Sunday morning, go for it! :)


Realized today that Spirit Shroud pre-cast would also be a good spell in this fight.
If you watched Morcolt in the last one, it is really hard to get within the required 10 feet each round.

But yeah, that is why I took it for him and used my last spell slot to cast it instead of using another Eldritch Smite on the crit he got. I still don't know if that was a good choice or not, and struggled with it at the time. :unsure:


So now that we have a pally and a hexlock I'm debating whether to play the fighter or wizard. I'm guessing the wizard would be better to represent a more "balanced party" since I assume the frontline elements will be handled by those guys.

On the other hand I am kind of curious to see if it really is easy to beat down Vecna with "raw martial power". Which do you prefer, I'll play either.


To all, please post you character concept and either a link to your PC or attached a character sheet to your post.

I believe we have:

@FitzTheRuke playing a rogue, Pyre (D&D Beyond Character Sheet)
@Stalker0 has Ezabard the Stormforged Evoker Wizard (D&D Beyond Character Sheet)
@DragonBelow offers a Favored Soul Air Genasi Sorcerer
@sleepyInsomniac with a paladin
@Sulicius with a "straight up" hexlock.

So, I was planning on four PCs, but Venca might be willing to "entertain" five. ;)

Please do not offer to play unless you are willing to commit to the encounter.

I'll reiterate (to be clear) I am planning on running this scenario like an actual encounter (not just a "fight"). The PCs will have made their way through trial and challenge to the final portal, which will take them to Vecan, himself, in his secluded sanctum. After finishing a long rest, the PCs are geared up and ready to press on.

I will give every one a chance to "interact" with the scene and tell me from turn to turn what each PC will do. I will be finishing up the scenario tonight and tomorrow, so please upload your PCs (and don't forget what magic items you are choosing). I will need a bit to review each PC to make certain I understand your features.

Finally, two "rulings" we need to make certain we are all agree on:

1. Dread Counterspell works against Subtle Spell. (Personally, I do NOT agree with this, but it was the result of the poll thread.)
2. You cannot Counterspell a spell cast by using the Ready Action feature when the spell is released by the trigger reaction.

A note on item 2: I will however, make certain the target or AoE (if any) IS seen by the caster during the casting and NOT on the release. This was my oversight in the last fight and carried heavy significance to the party's defeat. I feel Vecna still would have won that fight, but it would have been harder in all likelihood.

So, please respond with your PC or an updates to your PC and your thoughts on the two rulings outlined above. Thanks! I hope you enjoy this encounter as much as I think I shall. And good luck! :)


As much as 5 would be cool, 5 players have a major major major impact on the action economy. If the goal is still to see if Vecna is punching at his weight class, I think we should stick with 4, which I believe is still the default party assumption for CR calculations (I believe).

I am fine with both ruling.

Unless Vecna gets some help.

Edit: in fact giving Vecna another decently powerful ally in backup could be a decent way to counter builds intended purely to counter him. Just keep the backup secret until the fight start.
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As much as 5 would be cool, 5 players have a major major major impact on the action economy. If the goal is still to see if Vecna is punching at his weight class, I think we should stick with 4, which I believe is still the default party assumption for CR calculations (I believe).

I am fine with both ruling.
I think @DND_Reborn is testing to see if he can make a "true to actual play" encounter with Vecna work. I know I would like to see how it works. I have 5 players, more often than 4.

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