D&D 5E New Vecna Battle (Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!) - CONCLUDED

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The High Aldwin
For my spells you can assume they are cast at their base level UNLESS I say I upcast. So, 3rd level.
Ok, got it. Thanks for the clarification. :)

4.3.21 (Selossen) Selossen speaks, "Begone! may your soul find rest at last!", and a burst of sacred flame falls upon the Green Shadow, which FAILS (Roll 9+2=11 vs. DC 19) and takes 28 radiant damage (double 14).

Turning to face Pyre, he quickens dispel magic and through magical guidance manages to free her of the flesh to stone spell! (Roll 1+5=6 vs. DC 16, magical guidance re-roll 11+5=16 vs DC 16). (Cost 3 SP total)

Pyre is freed from the flesh to stone spell!

Unfortunately, the bless spell on her is also dispelled.

(You mentioned before about moving up behind the others, so if you want a different location please let me know and thanks!)


It is now Vecna's Lair Actions Turn on Initiative 20.


The High Aldwin
4.3.20 (Lair Actions): Four Shadows appear around the PCs, three of them surround Ezabard , one is near Pyre!

Blue Shadow: Roll with advantage (flanking), but Vyrlim uses his protection style (reaction) to deny the flanking advantage, and the shadow misses! (Roll 1+4=5 vs. AC 14).

Yellow Shadow: Roll with advantage (flanking) 16,9+4=20 vs AC 14 hits Ezabard! For 11 necrotic damage and 2 points of Strength loss.

Red Shadow: Roll 3+4=13 vs. AC 17 misses Ezabard.

Green Shadow: Moves away from Pyre, who slashes with her rapier hitting (opportunity attack) (Roll 3+11=14 vs AC 12) for 9 piercing damage. The shadow moves to engage Ezabard and attacks, hitting (Roll 13+4=17 vs. AC 14) for 8 necrotic damage and 4 points of Strength loss.

Ezabard is slain!


@FitzTheRuke it is now Pyre's Turn on Initiative 19.

I looked at Pyre and saw no way of giving her advantage on her attack to use sneak attack, so if I missed something PLEASE let me know... it would save Ezabard's life at this point.)

@Stalker0 reminded me you can't use the same lair action twice in a row, so... ignore all the above. My (very LOL) bad!
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The High Aldwin
Do Ezabard (Shield) or Vyrlim (Protection fighting style, he can impose disadvantage on an attack) have a reaction?
Ezabard cannot use shield as he used his reaction to attempt to counterspell Vecna earlier and has no reaction remaining.

As for Vyrlim, you are correct, @sleepyInsomniac did say he was using his reaction to impose disadvantage, so I'll update the turn.

Unfortunately, it won't help Ezabard in the long run by that alone... The green shadow kills him by reducing his strength to 0, regardless.

This really falls on Pyre and her gaining sneak attack damage--somehow...

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