D&D 5E New Vecna Battle (Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!) - CONCLUDED

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Tales and Chronicles

Jewel of the North, formerly know as vincegetorix
Unlimited strength drain potential will do the trick
Yeah, I somehow feel Vecna should be envious of those Shadows. He still has to go through all their HP pools + death saves when they just wade it and drain a stat to 0, and they're done.

Someone's getting a promotion at EvilCorp!


So, what is Pyre doing then? It's your turn.
Oh, it is? Okay...

Happy to be able to move again, Pyre ran around the corner and stabbed at a shadow.

"We need to get Vecna soon or we're all gonna die." she said, fatalistically, before teleporting past everyone into the room, hoping that she could find the archlich without getting herself killed.

(I'll go between Vecna and the red Shadow)


The High Aldwin
4.3.19 (Pyre) Rushing around the corner and sliding past the closing wall, Pyre stabs at a shadow, hitting (Rolling 5+11=16 vs. AC 12) for 42 piercing damage! The shadow is destroyed! (I went with the green shadow since it is currently in position to flank the Paladin. If you want the other one, let me know.)

Pyre calls to the others, seeing the fallen Ezabard, "We need to get Vecna soon or we're all gonna die."

She then teleports past the shadows and into the room beyond, searching for the archlich. She nerves herself as she discovers the monster is standing right beside her, half-hidden in the shadows created by Vyrlim's sunblade!


@FitzTheRuke you could also misty step as far as space 25 or 30 if you want. All other spaces are either occupied or out of your line of sight (in that area, anyway), but I've placed you where you stated. If you want to change, let me know. Technically, you could also go to any of the spaces with the white circles. They are "half-occupied", but according to the discussion in the other thread are viable destinations for your misty step.

I'll give you a little while to respond before I take Vecna's turn.

Now it is Vecna's Turn on Initiative 12.


I normally hate the idea of rewinding, even if a mistake is made, but in this case, it makes such a huge difference that I think we should pop back to the Lair action and see it as Ezabard having a flash of his own mortality.

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