D&D 5E New Vecna Battle (Let's Get Ready to RUMBLE!!!) - CONCLUDED


The High Aldwin
4.4.19 (Pyre) Surrounded by three shadows, Pyre says "Agh. Not these jerks again!" in frustration, nimbly slips from their reaching arms and darts along the balcony wall behind the altar.

She then steps out between the altar and southern statue, stabbing at Vecna with her rapier and but misses (Roll 1+11=12 vs. AC 18).


It is now Vecna's Turn on Initiative 12.

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The High Aldwin
4.4.12 (Vecna) With a cruel laugh, Vecna raises a hand, "ARISE and serve me!"

To the heroes horror, Ezabard rises up as a zombie!

Vecna turns on Pyre, "Now it is your turn..." and stabs at Pyre with Afterthought, hitting twice! (5+13=18, 6+13=19 vs. AC 17)

@FitzTheRuke do you want to do anything before I roll damage?


The High Aldwin
Well I at least absorbed 2 shadows with my frail little body. I was hoping to meteor swarm and nuke the shadows and Vecna, but it was not to be. Good luck everyone!
Yeah, Truesight was your down fall, not to mention simply being a wizard---which is the best thing to (normally) to fighting another wizard.

And hey, Ezabard is still in the fight! (sort of...)

Thanks for participating!

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