D&D 5E No longer interested in 5e now

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In a perfect world, we'd have two editions: one for the haters, elitists, edition warriors and negative people, and one for the rest of us.


I just want to know who 'we' are in the OP. Seems it means 'I'.

FWIW I haven't got my ideal edition yet (mechanics-wise). I certainly won't argue/fight over any edition, b/c all had parts I liked and well, did not like (no flames there ;)).

I am REALLY looking forward to see what 5E brings. The bonus is (hopefully) we can recreate any edition's style....and I get 'the' edition of rules I am after :)


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Hmmm, system doesn't do something they never said it was able to do, and now you are claiming it is going to fail. That is like buying a car and finding out it can't fly, and then getting pissed at the car manufacturer, even though they never said the car could fly.
You never know, the manufacturer may be surprised when he sees you fly away in it....

[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=276b6vNT_4Q]Tooth-gnasher Superflash[/ame]

Reading Rainbow - Tooth-gnasher Superflash....

I can't believe that I still remember that episode of Reading Rainbow, saw it once, babysitting, more than a decade ago.... "But you know, it can't do half the things our good old Thunderclap 8 could do...." :p

The Auld Grump


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Sorry, but, I care less about playing a D&D game with mixed styles. I just want my edition of game to continue getting support, in fact, I want all 4 editions getting support. That's the best way to go, and it'd be more than profitable than any new edition could accomplish. This is because you capture every generation of D&D gamer ever to exist to come throwing their money at you for products for their preferred edition.

And in the process split your customer base into any number of segments, each clamoring for different products that use up huge chunks of development time with a huge cast of designers and smaller production runs that cripple your margins. We saw how well this worked out for TSR (replace "editions" with "campaign settings" and you have an identical scenario), and you want to revive it.

You think you want something, but you really don't want it because it will mean another downward spiral for the hobby. You just don't know that you don't want it.

But I bet it was funny though. Paranoia was one of those games where reading the rulebook was really funny. Just don't tell the computer.

Citizen, there are multiple charges of Commie Mutant Treason against Friend Computer within those sentences. You are hereby ordered to report for execution without delay, a minimum of three times.


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Why not wait and judge the final product on its own merits. Maybe it'll be good, maybe it'll be terrible, maybe it'll just be mediocre, or maybe it just won't be for you, but passing judgement now seems a bit presumptive, premature, and pointless.

Keefe the Thief

I'd just love this "D&D play - any edition char you want - TOGETHER" game.

"The wraith hits you! You are drained of 1d4 levels!"
"Haha! I play the 4e char! No level drain for me. Just losing a couple of healing surges!"

4e Cleric: "I use my healing surges to get myself back to full".
1e Fighter: "Great. Now heal me, will you?"
4e Cleric: *waves hand* "Here, spend a healing surge +1d6".
1e Fighter: "But i don't have... Aaaagh!"

"If the goblin enters this square, i get an AoO. I threaten it".
"The goblin gets +2 against OAs provoked by moving".
"Yeah, but does this help against AoOs? Just asking, of course!"
"Hey, i think as an 1e fighter, i get a passing attack regardless of any stuff!"
"Woah, your 1e fighter is sticky!"
*Looks down at his charsheet* "Damn this coolaid!"

"Okay, roll for system shock".
"I mean, uh, make a... well... i attack your fortitude! Yes" *rolls* "Hit!"
"What happens nown?"
"You die"
"Oh. Well, my paragon path ability triggers. I'm back to life again"

"You hear the voice of your god, scalding you. Suddenly you realize that you lost your powers!"
"But in 4e, you get your powers for good! Your god cannot take them away once you get them".
"Well, YOU decided to worship Cyric, did you? He isn't able to answer prayers in 4e, so it must be the 3e Cyric, so he can take away your powers. QED".
"I hate you so much".

"It will be very hard to open that knot. The bandit who made it had a Use Rope skill of +12!"
"Uh, i don't have Use Rope. I'm a 4e char".
"Well, my 1e thief doesn't have the necessary NWP".
"Ha! Use Rope is useful again! Wooohooo" *DM's victory dance"
Barbarian: "I hack the rope in twain. Regardless of edition".


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